April 5, 2020

With the world upside down right now, I am yearning so much for things to get back to normal like everyone else. Till then though, I am keeping busy with taking care of things that I had been putting off. Oh and don't worry, even though no in person meetings this past week, I did amuse Myself over the phone with a couple of you. I also have eye candy to share below and on My Brown blog. The video below can also be found on My Video Gallery. 

When I amused Myself with Fetishist w, I enjoyed him in so many different ways. A couple of ways with eye candy, I posted below on My Medical Blog last week. A bit more curious? Well when you first arrived, I strung him up on the gallows and decided to not only stretch his ball sack but to have a bit of fun with his large nipples. 

As I posted yesterday, while I won't be scheduling any in person meetings till at least the middle of April, I will be Phone/Skype/FaceTime sessions. I have also included Weekly Email/Text for those unable to serve in person. For a reminder of My tribute information as well as to schedule a session, go to Leather Realm: Session Information.

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