November 23, 2020

  Even though things locally are socially distanced, I made "connections" with a few of you this past week including My puppet, sub jason and sissy slut michelle. 

For those following sub jason's journey on My Medical Blog, the Month 11 update has been posted. 

Sending out a Thank you to sub richard. I love the card that I received in the mail today. The simple act of sending a card with written words of devotion and the desire to serve his purpose are truly appreciated. So many times, males forget that the little things can show devotion too plus it's nice to be shown that you are appreciated.

One of the ways that sissy slut michelle amused Me this past week when he visited was showing off his cock sucking skills while wearing a new retro bikini. Watching that vibrating cock thrusting into his mouth certainly gave Me a giggle. 

Before showing his skills at sucking cock, he drove over an hour with his new "SISSY" face mask to the female owned, Chamber on N. High Street here in Columbus to do a bit of shopping. Just imagine the grins, pointing and laughter as he walked down the street near campus wearing his little pink face mask, obvious fake tits protruding from his leotard covered chest all the while beet red. LOL

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November 22, 2020

Another busy Sunday so this week's update will be posted within the next 24 hours. Text/Email will also be replied to during this time. 

Oh yes! It will be worth the wait. <wicked grin> 

November 16, 2020

  With the latest spread of Covid increasing daily and many states possibly facing heavy restrictions or even closures including Ohio, I plan on continuing in person meetings. I have continued to practice precautions including taking forehead temperatures at the door and disinfecting surfaces along with My normal preps for meetings. 

For those uncomfortable meeting in person, I am still accepting Phone/Skype/FaceTime sessions. I have also included Weekly Email/Text for those unable to serve in person. For a reminder of My tribute information as well as to schedule a session, go to Leather Realm: Session Information.

As you can see by My eye candy below from the spanking and caning that was given to My puppet for failing to stick to his program, motivation is often needed to succeed at perhaps breaking a bad habit or in My puppet's case to stick to his weight program. Very happy to say that after this "motivation", he is sticking to his program. <wicked grin>

This past week, I amused Myself with the new to Me Fet a. I became so wet as he struggled against the restraints while previously filled with an enema, in a filthy full diaper along with plastic pants then smothered with a chux pad dripping wet of My piss and bagged. Such a messy boy.<wicked giggles>

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November 15, 2020

 Due to an extremely long weekend, this week's update will be posted within the next 24 hours. Email/Contact forms & Text Messages will be replied to tomorrow.

November 8, 2020

 Even though I craved much more pleasure this past week, especially Medical Fetish as well as CBT, I did enjoy a few of you including sissy slut toni who was released from a 74 day chastity lockup. After I had My fun with him of course. <wicked giggles>

The last update, I mentioned enjoying many fetishes that are considered lighter than what My typical eye candy features. One of those fetishes are Sissification. Of course many sub-fetishes including humiliation falls under that general term. Below you see the maid dresses as well as other items such as rubber pants, a "Useless" sissy collar and accessories that maid4her contributed towards My sissy collection. The pictures does not do them justice. Totally adorable and gives Me more of a variety since I also have a couple of the traditional black maid uniforms. My sissy collection is definitely growing including the usual lingerie plus more. 

For those emailing/texting asking about the Sissy Exposure Wall, it's still in the works so continue to keep an eye out. 

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November 1, 2020

 Yesterday, Halloween and today All Saints Day. Whether you celebrated one or the other, I hope you had an excellent one. Was you a devil or an angel? That question is certainly interesting to ponder. I prefer to be both. When I am good, I am very good, but when I bad, I'm even better. <wicked giggles> Yes, Mae West but I love that quote. 

There must be something said about how sweetly the tail of a whip dances across raw flesh as it leaves it's crimson mark. The body's natural reaction, breaking out in a sweat. So simple yet so elegant. As a Sadist, causing such a reaction, it fills Me with pleasure but inflicting pain isn't the only way to fulfill My desires. The misconception about erotic sadism is that it involves only inflicting pain which isn't true. It depends on the reaction that the Sadist wishes to cause. For Myself, the reaction may stem from something as light as tickling to as heavy as what you see within My eye candy below. I realize so much of My eye candy involves My more extreme fetishes but I have many fetishes and many desires that I wish to fulfill. 

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October 25, 2020

Some weeks it's pleasure all around, while other weeks simply aren't but I find My amusement one way or another. Of course this past week also involved having My huge gallows painted, going thru equipment/toys that needed retired or repaired and finally taking care of things in preparation for colder weather. It's amazing what stimulating thoughts come to mind when you're working especially with Halloween at the end of the week. Yes, I have all sorts of wicked tricks in My play bag for those that I allow to come to Me this week. And YES, I will definitely be exploiting the fact that Halloween is here. 

For those following sub jason's journey on the Medical Blog, the 10 month update has been posted. Latest results included.

Can you say public humiliation? As sissy slut michelle drove in his car around Columbus, he was exposed for the SLUT he is. Beneath that face mask? A bright pink butt plug filling his mouth as a place holder in preparation to suck multiple cocks at the local gay bath house. Across his chest, a tattoo with the word "CumSlut" <wicked giggle> 

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