September 20, 2020

 My amazing week that was suppose to happen cratered though I did have a great quickie with Fetishist W and enjoyed sissy craig, whom I hadn't seen in awhile. And yes, I have eye candy to share below on My Medical Fetish blog. This coming week has the promise of being a good one so I'm keeping My fingers crossed for lots of pleasure. 

As of today, sissy slut jim has been in chastity for 1614 days. Unfortunately he hasn't reported in today therefore till he does and shows proof that he remains in chastity, these days will not be counted. 

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September 13, 2020

This past week, most of My pleasure was found with amusing Myself with a few of you online but I did see a couple of you in person. Sadly no eye candy but this week is suppose to be AMAZING and I can't wait. And YES! I plan to take as much eye candy as I can so next week's update should be packed. 

As Summer is winding down and the cooler weather is coming in, I thought this would be the perfect time to share some local attractions so those visiting Me could also explore a bit of Central Ohio. While the The Columbus Zoo, COSI as well as The National Museum of the USAF (Wright-Patterson AFB) near Dayton which is amazing are well known, there are other great places that could fill an afternoon. 

Motts Military Museum: If you are into Military History, this is the place for you. Minutes from downtown Columbus, and it's definitely worth the visit.  

National Veterans Memorial & Museum: In honor of those that have served our great nation and continue to inspire future generations to put the needs of the many over themselves. Vet's memorial & museum is a great place to visit and explore. It's located within minutes of downtown Columbus. A true inspiration so if you get the chance, I highly recommend visiting.  

Central Ohio Fire Museum: Have an interest in the history of Firemen and fire safety? This is a fun place to visit, especially in the restored 1908 engine house. Yes, again just minutes from downtown Columbus.  

Ohio History Connection: Have an interest in Ohio history? Then this is the place for you. A great place to learn more Ohio stories and take a look at artifacts from the past. Not far from downtown and you will not regret the visit. 

Camp Chase Cemetery : If you have an interest in the Civil War, then Camp Chase is definitely one stop you need to make. While not a museum, it's an interesting glimpse into the past. 

Columbus Museum of Art: Open your mind and be inspired by visiting one of Columbus's most interesting museums. Exhibits change often and there are special events. Another great place to visit that is just minutes from downtown. I highly recommend a visit. 

Due to COVID, hours of operation as well as other restrictions may be in place so make sure you check their websites before visiting. 

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Latest Update:

September 6, 2020

For those enjoying a long Labor day weekend, I hope you are having a blast and getting that much needed break. Others, I hope you are having a fabulous weekend. As for Myself, I am being spoiled as I always expect to be and enjoying the weather as well as having some family time. I'm in such a fabulous mood and I had so much eye candy from last week that I have decided to share more. 

For My toilet slaves/fetishists, I've even uploaded a new video to My Brown Blog. 

To the male that sent an Amazon E-Gift Certificate to spoil Me and to contribute towards My pleasure, thanks. I enjoyed it. If you want to spoil Me as well or contribute towards My fun, check out My Amazon Wishlist or simply send an E-gift certificate to 

Helpless and unable to see what is taking place around you, your mind can only drift within the darkness that I have created. Breathing in My joy juice as it forces it's way deep within your lungs, causing your head to swim as you hear My words rushing in. "There is no escape, you are Mine and will be forever."

Hours pass, the realization that you are truly helpless and that you are never escaping from My grasp slowly sinks in. My words continue to flood your mind till a truly docile state over comes you. There is no longer a "you," only property. My property. 

In My spare time, I am continuing to update videos to 1080p from the previous format. These videos are labeled "Revisited" and can be found on My Video Gallery below as well as on My Brown & My Medical Blog Video Galleries. As I continue to go thru older videos, some that was from before 2015 will be removed so watch them while you can. And don't worry, I will be keeping the more popular videos as well as My favorites. 

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Latest Update:

August 30, 2020

This past week was simply amazing. I enjoyed so many of you including slave richard, My puppet, sissy slut michelle and sub drippy. And yes, I've had such a great week that I am in the mood to share eye candy. Take a look below as well as on My Medical blog and My video gallery.

Imagine being wrapped tight in pallet wrap along with a catheter tube connected to you, unable to move. Unable to run. The only source of water is coming from a tube. Moments leads to minutes, minutes leads to hours, all the while the length of your captivity is unknown to you. 

Just had to take a selfie beside My captive, slave richard while I was filling his lungs with joy juice and modifying his mind. <wicked giggles>

In the darkness, falling deeper within My web, there is no escape. This is slave richard's fate. 

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Latest Update:

August 23, 2020

I'm definitely on a pleasure roll. So much pleasure, so much amusement took place this past week. From what it's looking like, this week should be the same. Hell Yeah! 

Ahh yes, sissy slut toni beginning the process of learning to be a cock sucker. Such a cock hungry slut. LOL

Another overnighter with sub jason. As always, I had an amazing time enjoying My balls between his thighs and him of course. Our afternoon began with a cleansing enema then I chained him to My gallows for a few hours while I took care of other things elsewhere. Going a little out of our norm, I used the steel humbler on My balls then chained it to his ankles then proceeded to smack and cane his ass just before having him crawl on the floor for a little while. Watching him crawl upon the floor as he stretched My balls, I laughed as he crawled each step.

Later that night, I chained him to My bed while restraining him within My straight jacket. Helpless, he laid there waiting to experience My next torment. Soon, I amused Myself by controlling his breathing for awhile till I was satisfied. Holding his life in My hands, such an amazing feeling. <wicked giggles> There will be more eye candy sometime this week so keep checking back as well as keeping an eye on Twitter. 

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