May 19, 2019

This past week was definitely productive with a bit of pleasure here and there but this week is going to be pleasure overload. I can't wait. 

As you can see from below, My bits between sissy danielle's legs are completely secure under My lock. Yes as before, she is required to send weekly journal entries which the direct link is below as well. Some of you may remember her from the Humility Wall which has her last 90 day chastity journal from back in 2016.

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May 12, 2019

Ever have that feeling like you're itching in your own skin? That frustration, that yearning to explore your fetishes but have no one available to explore with? Yes? Now understand how I have felt this past week simply not having enough pleasure from amusing Myself with enough of you. Yes! As you can see bellow, I did enjoy a couple of you but not nearly enough to feed My craving. To satisfy My yearning. Even with this frustration though, I did manage to stay within My puppet's hard limits by restricting the leather belt marks across his ass so they would fade within 24 hours.

Speaking of frustration, when I am like this, I have a tendency to window shop for new equipment and toys. Of course this led Me to replacing the table that I had removed when I brought in the exam table. With the new table, I can use it for some activities when the exam table isn't appropriate to be used. It should be arriving by the weekend.

May 5, 2019

Busy, busy, busy this past week but thankfully I did amuse Myself with a few of you including bottom y as well as sub e.  What pleasure did I find? As you may guess by the eye candy below as well as on My Medical link below, I fist fucked as well as slid a variety of My long, hard cocks into tight places. <wicked grin>

During My free time, I have also been rearranging My playroom. Yes, anyone that knows Me knows what this means. Yes! I am adding more toys and equipment. A couple of the larger items will be put in storage to allow room for the new additions. When I get around to it, I will take pictures to share. 

Who is Next?? <wicked giggle>

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April 29, 2019

Another week has passed and it was so wonderful getting back to what I crave, amusing Myself with those I allow to come to Me. So pleasured in fact that I took a bit of eye candy to share. 

My idea of footsie. LOL

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April 21, 2019

I'm spending Easter with family this weekend so this update is extremely short but don't worry, I will be generous on the next weekly update. 

Sending out a Thank you to sub jason for the case of Vet Wrap that I use often.

To those celebrating, Have a Happy Easter!

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April 15, 2019

My week ended with a huge BLAST of pleasure this past week and I am in such a lovely mood that I even have eye candy to share below on My Medical Fetish Blog as well as My Video Gallery. 

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