July 5, 2020

After such a long, very appreciated forth of July weekend, I am back home for Leather Realm's weekly update. And yes, I even have some eye candy to share from at least one of My experiences this past week plus I have posted another update on My Medical fetish blog. Yes, I am in that good of a mood. <wicked grin>

One of those that visited Me this past week was sub sam. Let's just say, he knows his purpose and I know how to take his breath away. <wicked evil giggle> As you can see, I have eye candy from the experience below as well as on My video gallery. Yes, I am feeling generous.

June 28, 2020

Even though not as full of pleasure as expected, I definitely enjoyed a few of you and I plan to even more so this week. And yes I have eye candy below to share plus for those following sub jason's journey, you will find a post about him on My medical blog. 

Just couldn't help Myself so I snapped a selfie as I was using My huge cock, violating sub e. Oh YES! Can you see that smile on My face? I was enjoying the hell of out his once tight ass. <wicked giggle>

Sissy lexa's first day being under My lock. Yes, I have ownership over another set of bits that remain between a pair of thighs. Wearing that set of keys, hanging from My necklace close to My heart always brings such a smile to My lips. 

Sissy lexa Day 1 Proof Picture:

June 21, 2020

This past week was even better than the last. I enjoyed so many of you and I plan to enjoy quite a few more this week. And yes, I even have eye candy from My time with sissy j which you can find below on My Medical Fetish blog. 

I also found time to edit and share another Revisited video from 2015. Yes, you can find it on My Medical Fetish blog or on My Medical video gallery. 

This past week, I've begun posting seriously to Twitter. I plan to post almost daily content including pictures that are exclusive to Twitter. Yes, that means that you need to  to see that exclusive eye candy. Make sure you retweet your favorites since the more that follow Me, the more motivated I will feel to share. 

After 4 years of chastity, My sissy slut jim has stepped up his devotion and chastity by riveting a plate over My lock on his chastity harness. This week's proof picture is the video of making a stronger commitment.

June 14, 2020

Such a busy week which ended with pleasure and exploration....I loved every minute of it. If only every week can end like this. One can certainly hope. <wicked giggles> 

My Saturday was spent enjoying one of My gifts from sub sam. The anesthetic inhaler mask worked wonderfully as I had sub sam helpless in bondage. Can you say mind modification? Can you say being anally violated while unconscious? Yes, I knew you could. LOL

The day before, I amused Myself with sub drippy. Such a horney slut which explains the panties and chastity device keeping My bits between his legs secure. 

Another revisited video has been posted below on the Video Gallery from 2015. Fisting fans will definitely want to watch. 

 slut jim Day 1516 Proof Picture:
Latest Update:

June 7, 2020

While this past week was uneventful, I did amuse Myself quite a bit via text, email and phone plus reminisced by editing a bunch of eye candy. Yes, I am in a generous mood so I posted quite a bit.

More revisited videos has been posted on My Medical Blog, below on My video gallery as well as on My Brown Blog.

Over the weekend, one little sissy slut was sent an assignment while he was on the road. Guess who sucked cock wearing panties, a bra, a red tank top along with bright red lipstick? LOL

It's time once again for, Sissy Sluts on Parade. This time, sub chet. Curious how to be featured here on LeatherRealm as well as My Twitter & Facebook? Use My Contact Form to ask how.