April 12, 2020

Anyone else frustrated as hell? Here in Ohio, we continue to be under the stay order which is suppose to unless modified last till May. Of course a few of you including sub jason and sub b did amuse Me via email, text as well as FaceTime this past week which took the edge off. Yes, I continue to crave more amusement but I plan to use more of you this week to help with that. 

When I wasn't enjoying Myself with pleasure, I was window shopping online and found the cutest pink tutu for when I amuse Myself with sissy slut michelle. Don't worry, I will definately be taking eye candy. Isn't consensual blackmail fun? LOL

While I continue to keep sub b in chastity, I am also enjoying sending him assignments that he must successfully complete and show photo or video proof within a specified period of time. The very first assignment while under My lock? Licking the freshly used toilet while wearing his wife's dirty panties for 10 minutes. Oh yes, I know that tiny little prick between his thighs under My lock was leaking all the while. And YES! As you can see below, proof was required. <wicked giggles>

Sub b Day 3 Proof Picture:

Sissy slut jim Day 1446 Proof Picture:

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