LeatherRealm: Faq's

Q: Where is your dungeon located?

A: My dungeon is within My home just 10 minutes from Downtown Columbus, Ohio.

Q: How am I to address you?

A: You will address Me as Mistress Patty when serving Me unless told otherwise.

Q: Are there other females present during our time together?

A: No, I prefer to have you all to Myself unless I am in the mood to bring a friend in to watch which is extremely rare.

Q: Are you a Pro-Domme?

A: No, I do not consider Myself a professional dominant since I do not view My love for the lifestyle as a profession. I also do not run or own a professional dungeon. I live the D/s lifestyle 24/7 and My Dominant personality does not turn off and on like a light switch.

Q: Why is a tribute involved:

A: Your tribute/gift contributes towards supplies, new toys/equipment and clean up. 

Q: Does your neighbors know what you do behind closed doors?

A: One or two of My neighbors do know what I enjoy doing but in general no they do not and this will be kept that way. Discretion is ensured this way for both you and I.

Q: When do I get your location/direction information?

A: You will not get My exact location till your confirmation call which is set up 1-3 hours prior to our time together. 

Q: What happens within a first meeting?

A: Based on My mood, our shared fetishes and your hard limits, our meeting together will involve finding your current physical/psychological limits then gently pushing them. Our first time together also allows us both to see if we clique. 

Q: Do you wear Fetish wear?

A: I believe in being comfortable to enjoy you. Frankly, I find PVC and Leather uncomfortable so I don't wear fetish wear. Besides a happy Mistress means a happy plaything. 

Q: What is your marital status?

A: I am currently single. And yes before you ask...I do date when the mood strikes Me.

Q: What does BBW Stand for?

A: BBW stands for Big Beautiful Woman and means Plus Sized Woman.

Q: Will photos or videos be taken during our time together?

A: No. The only time I take photos or do videos is with consensual consent which is talked about before our meeting.

Q: Are you looking for a 24/7 live-in slave?

A: No, currently I am not.

Q: May I please bring you a gift or give you a cash tip?

A: While a gift is certainly not required, I am a woman and what woman does not love surprises? Will it cause Me to look upon you differently....I'm going to be quite honest...Yes. I expect to be spoiled but that doesn't necessarily mean physical gifts. 

Q: What is the difference between you, a Pro-Domme and an escort?

A: While an escort may fuck you, I will not. A Pro-Domme meets with clients to fulfill the fantasy by catering to the client's desires including wearing fetish wear, I will not. I am a lifestyle Dominant meaning I live within the D/s lifestyle and I enjoy exploring My fetishes with those that share them. My meetings are based on OUR shared fetishes, your Hard Limits and My imagination. I do not do role-playing other than within Discipline, I don't wear fetish wear since I would rather be more focused on enjoying you than about being uncomfortable in fetish wear and I do not do fantasy scene fulfillment.

Q: What do you enjoy outside of your fetishes?

A: I am passionate about travel, love traveling. I also enjoy writing about My meetings, photography, contributions to charities, My cats, cooking, family,  parties, hanging out, movies, music, surfing the web, long hot baths and basically enjoying life.

Q: Do you smoke?

A: Yes I do. Marlboro Full Flavor 100's are My go to cigarettes. I do NOT smoke during My meetings unless I am exploring Smoking Fetish.