April 26, 2020

Thankfully Ohio's stay order is suppose to be lifted May 1st which means, I will be scheduling in person meetings once again starting that following Monday. Even though I know we all want to get back to our normal daily lives including Myself, I plan to still take precautions when conducting in person meetings. This means if you aren't feeling 100% or you are sick, make sure you contact Me to cancel prior to meeting. We will simply reschedule later when you are feeling better. Since not everyone can recognize they are feverish, I will also be taking your temperature with a forehead thermometer while wearing gloves to ensure that you are not running a fever. Both My and your safety is My first priority during this time. Yes this may seem excessive but better safe than sorry. 

Sending out a huge Thank you to sub r for his extremely stimulating card this past week. Loved it, thank you so much. 

With sub b, when we began his chastity journey this time, I decided to play the dice game. Meaning, I rolled the dice and hit 11 so he would remain in chastity for 11 days unless he failed to fulfill any assignment or failed to check in daily. Luckily for him, he didn't fail so he was released after 11 days. From what he reported, his release was mind blowing. LOL 

My latest Email/Text plaything is sub c. It had been awhile since I enjoyed sliding My cock into something tight so his first assignment of course involved anal. Oh yes,  you may have a peek at his video proof for his first assignment. <wicked grin>

Sissy slut jim Day 1467 Proof Picture:

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