April 19, 2020

Another week under Ohio's stay order means another week of using a few of you long distance to bring Me pleasure whether it was via Phone, Email/Text, Skype or FaceTime sessions. Even though pleasured, I am yearning to get My hands on a few of you once this stay order has been listed which they say is May 1st. Yes, I am ready to play HARD. <wicked giggles>

To keep Myself amused when not enjoying a few of you including sub b, sissy slut michelle and slave richard, I have once again been shopping online and I even modified an old dildo into a squirting one. Looking very forward to shooting a huge load down the throat of one My cock suckers real soon.

As sub b continues his time in chastity which today is day 10, he has been required to fulfill assignments. I just had to share his 3rd assignment proof below. I'm sure it will give you a good giggle, it definitely made Me laugh. <wicked grin>

Sub b Day 10 Proof Picture:

Sissy slut jim Day 1460 Proof Picture:

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