February 23, 2020

This past week has been filled with so many thrills and pleasure. YES! I amused Myself with quite a few of you including sub r and sub j. I'm in such a lovely mood, I even have eye candy to share. 

Sending out a huge Thank you to sub r for his birthday card. Loved it. 

Also, Thank you to sub j for his birthday card. Very cute. 

My balls between sub r's thighs was stretched for My amusement. First I played the bucket game. The metal bucket is filled, cup by cup with water till I am satisfied or they can take no more. <wicked giggles>

Next came the Electrified Ball Press, in which My balls were pressed nearly flat then electrocuted. 

To end our time together, sub r sucked My toes while I had a rope made into a leash which was connected to My balls between his legs. Pulling My balls as he sucked My toes till I was ready for him to practice on My big cock. 

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