March 1, 2020

Even though My week didn't go as planned, I still had a wonderful week enjoying a few of you and ending it with My birthday weekend. 

Sending out a HUGE Thank you to My toilet ay for his e-gift certificate from Amazon for My birthday. I am going to enjoy spending it. Thank you so much.

Also another HUGE Thank you to slave david for his e-gift certificate. Thank you so much. 

And another BIG Thank you to sub r for his stimulating birthday card. I loved the fetish birthday card. Very cool. 

Thank you to everyone that emailed and texted their Birthday wishes over the weekend.

After another email asking, more like begging for Me to take My videos in HD with better lighting, it's time to purchase better video equipment and editing software. This is in addition to using a host that will allow larger file sizes. My current host limits file size to 5MB which explains the size of My videos. Keep in mind, My videos are free to enjoy and I have no intention to change that but on My own it will take time. If you enjoy My videos, contribute towards the better equipment and host by emailing to find out how to help or you can send an amazon e-gift certificate to the same email address. Any help is appreciated. 

My time with sub j began with him being strung up on My electric winch with his legs spread wide with a spreader bar between them, all the while being spanked and fucked. Of course I wasn't satisfied yet so then I put him in the straight jacket then chained him to the bed, strangled him with a leather belt and fucked him raw. As you can see, when I was finished, I was completely satisfied. <wicked giggles>

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