February 16, 2020

This past week was filled with so much passion and stimulation which was so lovely considering Valentine's Day was Friday. Don't you just love when things goes perfectly together? <wicked grin>

Sending out a Thank you to sub r for his lovely and stimulating Valentine's Day card. I loved it. It was a total surprise.

Also a BIG Thank you to sissy michelle for her Birthday gift of cash. Enjoyed spending it over the weekend. 

And a HUGE Thank you to sub j for his gifts from My Amazon Wish List. Can't wait to use the Inflatable Cock Gag, Dildo Gag and Anal Hook. 

My Wish List link is below. Check it out to spoil Me too for My Birthday. 

 When sub e arrived, he knew what I wanted. Yes! I was going to get My fist up his ass whether he liked it or not but first a couple of cleansing enemas. <wicked giggles>