August 18, 2019

Even though life is starting to smooth out a bit, it was still another busy week but of course I found time to enjoy Myself with a few of you. Thank goodness, no one wants to see Me cranky. LOL

I finally found time to begin updating My Dungeon page. I intend to add more pictures as time permits. 

My puppet during his refresher this past week recieved 40 strokes from the rattan cane to motivate and remind him to stay on his program.  <wicked grin>

For those following sissy danielle's Chastity Journal, it has been updated. This past week, she came to serve in person. And I even have a bit of eye candy to share. 

sissy danielle awaiting orders.

Totally Exposed & Helpless.

Sissy danielle's Day 94 Proof Picture: