August 25, 2019

I'll admit it, I am not a "Summer" type person. I prefer cooler temps that Autumn brings to Ohio and all it's wonderful effects such as the leaves turning in Southern Ohio. What a sight to be seen. Yes it appears that the sticky hot weather has finally passed and I am thrilled. It also means that My schedule will get busier and can change frequently so make sure you consult My schedule before making contact. And yes, I am available during the long Labor Day weekend.

Awhile back I had talked about posting some pictures or video of My toy collection. I intend to add these to My Dungeon page as I post them. First up are the various Chastity Devices that I own. While there are more, these give you an idea. 

My sub r came to serve his purpose this past week by presenting My balls between his thighs to please Me and bring Me pleasure. I even took a bit of eye candy to share.

Stretched & helpless.. <wicked grin>

My balls, pressed & fried. Mmm.

~~For those that's following sissy danielle's Chastity Journal, it's been updated.~~

Sissy danielle's Day 101 Proof Picture: