August 11, 2019

Another chaotic week but I did have a bit of fun with a few of you. Life is so much better with more pleasure than stress which I know you all will agree. 

For those following sissy danielle's Chastity Journal, it will be updated within the next 24 hours. 

YES! I finally christened My fucking machine by placing sub jay into the steel kneeling stockade, helpless while My lovely toy pounded his ass. Of course My cock between his legs was under My key, locked away in a steel chastity device. And YES! I even took video eye candy which is below on My Video Gallery. Here is just a little taste. 

For those like My puppet that is on a weight management program, discipline always is a great motivator to stay on your program. It forces you to take responsibility for your actions. My puppet recieved 20 strokes from a rattan cane when he failed to stay on his program. 

I still plan to update My dungeon link since I've added so many things to My toy/equipment collection so keep an eye out. Hopefully this week, I will get time to do so.

Sissy danielle's Day 87 Proof Picture: