July 12, 2020

This past week had it's ups and downs. Though I wish it had involved much more pleasure than it did, I did still amuse Myself with a couple of you. This week should definitely make up for the lack of pleasure though which I am thrilled about.

With Covid 19 cases increasing daily here in the US, I have continued to take precautions such as requiring anyone visiting for an in person session to submit upon arriving to a temperature check with a forehead thermometer. I also check My own temperature daily as a precaution. My first priority is to keep both of us safe to enjoy our experience together.  Also recently here in Columbus it is required to wear a face mask while in public so keep this in mind if visiting from outside of central Ohio.

Yes, it's time again for Sissy Sluts on Parade. This time it's Sissy michelle. After our recent phone session, she was required to take 5 "glamour" pictures and shoot a 1 to 2 minute video showing off her "assets" then text them all to Me within a certain amount of time. The video as well as the pictures serve as proof that she is indeed a slut.

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