July 19, 2020

I'd love to say that My week was overflowing with pleasure but while there was times of pleasure, it wasn't as much as I am craving. Of course I did enjoy a couple of you so that was definitely lovely. 

Today, I restrained Fetishist g to a chair and forced him into compliance by filling his lungs with a "rush" of inhalant till he became as docile as a little bitch. <wicked giggle> So yes, My week has already began better than last week. 

Sending out a big thank you to Fetishist g for the medical supplies including the much sought nitrile gloves. 

This past week, I was finally able to visit the adult shop called Torso that is only a few blocks away that I discovered a couple of months ago. For those looking for Double Scorpio or other inhalants, they have a selection with great prices as well as BDSM gear. I am still so amazed that they are located so close over on S. High Street. For address/website URL, look under My LeatherRealm: Central Ohio Adult Shops/Clubs link.

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