May 10, 2020

What can I say? The first part of this past week had so much promise of lots of pleasure for Me but the reality is that Ohio's stay order is slowly being lifted and most other states continue to have stay orders in place. Most of all though is the threat of the virus is still very real so there is great hesitation when it comes to in person meetings which is why I have continued to do long distance meetings via Zoom, Skype, Phone, Text as well as email and FaceTime instead of more face to face as I had expected. Yes, I am still going to accept in person meetings with the precautions that I spoke of last week. Yes, I remain hopeful.

Sending out a huge Thank you to sub r for My very stimulating BDSM greetings card that arrived this past week. Totally HOT. 

Between predicament bondage and suspension, sub drippy had each of his limbs stretched to the corners of the bed while I amused Myself torturing him. In the past, anytime his mouth wasn't filled, he would ask if I was wet. Be careful what you wish for, I always say because I gave him the answer. LOL What did I do? I stuffed his mouth with the pussy drenched pad that I was wearing during the first part of our time together.  Yes! I was extremely wet. <wicked giggles>

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