March 15, 2020

To say this past week was a mess is an understatement. It began wonderful but as the days passed, more concerns grew about the Coronavirus which lead to so much uncertainty. I am still answering emails and text messages so if you haven't recieved a reply, hang in there. I should have all email/text messages replied to by tomorrow evening. To answer the one question almost everyone has asked, yes I will still be scheduling/holding meetings. To review My sanitation practices, visit LeatherRealm: Sterilization and Sanitation.

Sending out a HUGE Thank you to maid4her for his contribution towards better video equipment. Thank you so much. I truly appreciate it.

Even though it had been awhile since sub drippy had come to amuse Me, he fell right back into it without missing a beat whether he liked it or not. LOL Strung up to the electric winch by his wrists behind his back, hooded and his mouth full with the inflatable cock gag as his ass was being fucked and those balls/cock between his thighs was being stretched while bound. Yes to top it all off, I had My balls/cock between his thighs in the CBT pillory. <wicked giggles>

Sissy slut jim Day 1426 Proof Picture:

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