September 9, 2019

This past week, especially the last couple of days was full of pleasure and amusements including taking slave chris's breath away while he was helpless inside My leather body bag. No eye candy this time since I was enjoying Myself way too much to stop to take any. Of course I do have a bit to share from My puppet's refresher as well as sissy danielle's salon visit. 

Since I ran out of time, this update will be completed within 24 hours and I may even share some eye candy from My afternoon with slave terry so keep an eye out. 

This week, I am sharing another peek at My toy collection. This time, My collection of Steel CBT items as well as My Nipple Torture toys. Yes, these have been added to My Dungeon link.

Stretch, Crush, Separate...endless possibilities. <wicked giggle>

Squeals from nipples being pinched is titillating. LOL

Even though My puppet has been doing excellent on his weight program, he left with a 30 stroke reminder from the cane. 

A proof picture from sissy danielle's recent cut and style at the salon. Dressed exactly as ordered. Ready to be the best personal assistant she can possibly be. Yes, sissy danielle's Chastity journal has been updated. 

Sissy danielle's Day 115 Proof Picture: