September 15, 2019

Busy was the word for this past week with lots of pleasure. A smile is still on My lips from My time with sub r, stretching and electrifying My balls between his legs as well as forcing him to suck My big toe as if he was sucking My strap-on and the pap exam that I performed on sissy c's cunt right before I fucked him raw while his face was buried into the bed as if he was simply a hole in the mattress. Yes, I even have eye candy to share. <wicked grin>

This week, another peek at My toy collection. This time, My collection of Urethral Sounds, Stretchers & Plugs. Yes, these have been added to My Dungeon link.

Urethral Sounds/Stretchers & Plugs

Silicone Urethral Sounds

Sissy c receiving his pap exam, restrained on the exam table as his cunt is stretched with a speculum. After sliding the long cotton tipped sticks to collect samples, his results are off to the lab. LOL

My afternoon enjoying sub r by stretching and electrifying My balls between his thighs. Such a lovely view as I amused Myself with his suffering. <wicked giggle> 

Sissy danielle's Day 122 Proof Picture:

Sissy danielle's Chastity Journal has been updated.