White Panties by Mistress Patty

 "Let's play a game." I taunt as you enter My playroom. As you close the door behind you and lock it, you simply smile knowing the game could be just about anything. "See the clothing hanging on the back of the door? Get dressed in them." I say without batting an eye. Without a word you reach for them and begin dressing. Once dressed I tell you to put the heels on that is in the shoe box.

With great excitement I smile and tell you that the game has now begun. "Go sit at the student desk against the wall," I whisper as I sit across from you. Meekly you sit in the desk. Without thought your knees are spread beneath the desk exposing your crisp white panties. At the sight of the virginal white patch exposed beneath your skirt, "What a slutty girl you are," I giggle.

I walk over towards you as I place My hand on the desk, "get up from your desk now girl." Quickly you slide from your seat finding My hand grabbing your wrist then placing you in front of the desk. "Face the desk, bend over and stand spread eagle," My voice rang within your ears as you do so without question. Suddenly your eyes was covered, unable to see past the delicate fabric. Soon you felt soft fingers running over your exposed flesh. Quickly you felt My warm flesh come close to you, so close you could feel My warm breath on the back of your neck.

"Teasing Me beneath your desk by exposing your lily white panties will not happen slut," I whisper in your ear. Slowly My hand finds the hem of your skirt forcing it up, exposing your panties. With one quick motion I slide your panties down just past your pale bottom. Without a word I grab My C*NT paddle from the wall and proceed to take aim. Cutting thru the air you hear a faint swish then suddenly without notice your flesh awakens from the wooden paddle striking it. As the assault on your now burning flesh continues...words such as slut, whore, cock tease and nasty girl fills your mind as they flutter past My lips. Minutes feel like hours as the beating continue yet soon stop.

A few moments pass as you find something long and hard sliding between your slender thighs tickling them with each pass. Inch by inch the long slender object violates your void till moans escape your lips. As you feel your body begin to float within this dreamy darkness, you feel My hands turn you around and force you down till your knees hit the floor. Without a word, your mouth is forced open as your hair is pulled when suddenly your mouth is full of something.

"Suck My cock bitch", I scream as I force My cock deeper into your mouth. Gagging you, I continue to rape your mouth. Once again My words fills your mind.....slut, whore, cock sucker, fuck hole, cum collector. After a few quick jerks I remove My cock from your mouth and leave you kneeling and shaking.

Minutes later I return and remove the scarf from over your eyes.

With a smile I look down at you and say..."What a great game."