Victoria's Little Secret by The Writing Bitch

I opened my E-mail.  The first thing I noticed was an E-mail from Mistress Patty.  She had said she was going to start sending me assignments as she wanted to see exactly how obedient of a slave i could be.  I was hardly prepared for the assignment that was to come.

Good Afternoon bitch, 

    Today after work, you will remain in your uniform and go to the Victoria's Secret at the Dayton Mall.  Once there, you will look around and wait for an employee to offer you help.  Once they do, you are to tell them that you are looking for a lace black thong to fit you and that it is your first one.  After you have made your purchase, you will go to the nearest men's restroom and replace your male underwear with he new panties you have just purchased.  After you are back in your car, call me to tell me you have completed this task. 

Mistress Patty 

I already could feel the sweat forming in the palms of my hands.  I was dressed up for my job in my black and white uniform (white dress shirt, black dress slacks, black tie, black vest) and knew i would easily stand out in a crowd of casual shoppers.  i thought about stories i could use all was for Halloween, it was on a dare...anything that the sales girl might believe.  Then my eye re-read the line in the E-mail "you will remain in your uniform".  Had Mistress Patty already called ahead?  Did the girls working that day know that a man dressed like me was going to come in and ask for panties?  Would Mistress Patty find out if i didn't follow directions to the letter?  I had read the stories and accounts of other sessions online and i knew i couldn't even discount the possibility that Mistress Patty might be watching in some way....i knew i was going to have to go through with it no matter how humiliated i was beginning to feel.

The work day drug on for what seemed like forever.  i performed all of daily duties that went along with being a Personal Assistant.  I fetched mail and groceries and dry cleaning for the woman i worked for.  i did some minor housekeeping around her house and finally, after what seemed like an eternity, 5:00 came.  I got in my and drove the ten minutes to the Dayton Mall.  I checked my tie in the mirror and walked into the Mall.  Upon entering Victoria's Secret, i immediately noticed three young girls standing around the register of the relatively empty store.  One of the girls peaked at me and began whispering to the others.  I could swear i heard one of them say "so who wants to help this guy?", but i couldn't be sure if that was really said or if my humiliated mind was already beginning to play tricks on me.  I began browsing around, just hoping one would come up to me, but the girls just remained chatting away at the counter.

After what seemed like 10 minutes or more browsing around Victoria's Secret, one girls finally came up to me.  Dressed completely in black, which is the entirely too sexy dress code at Victoria's Secret, she asked me "can I help you find something?" with a wry smile on her face.  I was just certain she knew Mistress Patty had sent me. 

"Do you have any black lace thongs?" I asked. 

"Yes, they are right over here" she said, "what size will you be needing?" 

My eyes darted downward as the phrase "i need a size that will fit me" escaped my lips.  I could feel her starting to smile and hold back a giggle as she grabbed a small from the rack and held them up to me briefly. 

"These will do," she said with a big grin on her face "I'll ring you up when you are ready."

I went up to the counter and handed over my credit card, not even caring to listen to the total price.  The panties were put in a small pink and white Victoria's Secret bag and given to me.  "Have fun wearing them!" the girl said as i left the store. 

I proceeded to the men's restroom and luckily enough found it empty as i entered one of the stalls.  I removed my shoes and pants and slid my male boxer shorts off.  I pulled the tags from the panties and slid them up my legs.  AS i pulled them completely on i could feel the back of the thong dig into the crack of my ass.  Each walking step rubbed my sissy clit in a way i had never really experienced.  I walked past Victoria's Secret on my way back to my car and once again i swore i saw one of the girls point in my direction before they all enjoyed a giggle at my expense...but once again, i have no idea if i was expected in that store on that day. 

I reached my car and had a seat before pulling out my cellular phone.  I dialed Mistress Patty's number and noticed my whole body shaking while i waited for her to answer.  Finally, the other end picked up.

"Hello?" Came the stern voice of the woman who ruled me.

"Hello Mistress Patty, i have bought the panties and am wearing them now" i said.  "And Thank You so much for allowing me to do this to please You".

"Of course bitch, just remember, if at any time you spill any of your sissy juices inside those panties that you are to clean them with your mouth."  She said.  Instantaneously my man flesh began to get aroused inside the black panties.  Just minutes after hanging up the phone and beginning my 45 minute drive home, i exploded into the panties.  While it was quite uncomfortable driving that great distance with panties wet from my own excitement, i did so before arriving home and taking off my new underwear.  I immediately placed them inside my mouth and began to suck.  Once my new panties were finally clean, i gave them a nice hand washing in Woolite and sat back and dreamed of Mistress Patty's next assignment for me....