Up My Steps by Mistress Patty

 As you walk up My steps, you see Me sitting on the bed smiling just inside the front door. Without knocking as you was instructed, you walk in as I greet you. Suddenly someone shoves a large object into your mouth and a cloth bag is slid over your head as you are forced to the bed in front of you.  In your helpless state you can tell there is someone holding down your upper body and another holding down the rest of you. Out of the darkness as you struggle against your captures you hear My voice. "Place that cock sucker in the metal stockade".

Still quite shocked, you struggle as each limb is placed within the stockade. One set of hands are restraining your wrists in the cold steel in front of you while another set of hands are forcing your body in the position of easy access with your ankles being restrained in steel behind you with your knees spread apart. To finish off the position your head is pushed down into the steel collar of the stockade and locked into place. Now you are completely helpless.

As quickly as it all began, your chin is grabbed and held firmly as a hole is cut out of the cloth bag then released. Still breathless from the struggle your body is now held up by the cold steel of the stockade. Quickly you feel cold steel cutting away your shorts, boxers and t-shirt. In your weakened state you feel a cold hand begin to squeeze your balls as I giggle then something tight wrap around the sack causing instant pain. " From right now bitch, you will swallow whatever I put in your mouth...you will take whatever I put in your fuck hole or I will cut your balls off. " As soon as the words left My lips, you feel My hand on the back of your head grabbing your hair thru the cloth bag. " Gary fill this bitch's cock sucker", you hear next as your mouth is emptied of the object then filled with a warm long rod. My grip on the cloth bag aiming your head directly onto the hard cock, fucking it deeper, causing you to gag.

As your mouth continues to be raped, you feel your ass cheeks spread then a slick finger penetrating as you struggle to go forward away from the discomfort. My voice booms from next to you "Settle down or your nuts are Mine".  Suddenly the finger grew then you hear..."Rape his fuck hole deeper". As you realize the finger was not a finger at all but a long, hard cock. Now being pushed and pulled back and forth between the two cocks you begin to feel your nipples pinched. The right one begins to be pinched more then suddenly you feel instant pain as though it is being pierced with a needle. The left soon feels as the right one does.

Huffing, breathlessness and the smell of sweaty bodies feels your nostrils as your head is held firmly then your throat is filled with the metallic taste of a thick liquid then released yet your ass is still being penetrated roughly. Soon your hips are grabbed as you feel final thrusts into you as you feel a warm feeling begin to fill you then released. Now only pain and humiliation is what you feel.

A short time later your nipples are the focus once again as you feel them pinched and then released yet you could feel them swelling and sore.  The cold hand from before squeezing your balls returns as you hear..."Look at those pathetic balls, all black and ready to be cut." Instantly you feel something slicing into your flesh and a sharp snap then you hear, "We won't be needing these anymore".

As you hear a door opened you are grabbed and released from the stockade, then shoved out the door with the cloth bag still in place. Now that your hands are free you remove the cloth bag as your sight returns. Sore, used and bleeding as you stand outside your mind wonders...is this a dream or reality?