The Visit by: slave michael

MISTRESS PATTY truly enjoyed playing with HER slaves. SHE enjoyed their discomfort in public when SHE would humiliate and embarrass them and SHE enjoyed their moans and squirming when SHE would "play" with them. SHE planned something wonderful for HER slave for this day.

slave michael appeared at HER residence with two tampons filling his slave hole. SHE could detect a slight "hitch" in his walk as he came up the driveway. As was HER custom, he had to keep his eyes closed and when he got to the door he turned his back to it and was pulled inside the house backwards. Maxi-pads were taped to his eyes and secured with a pair of used pantyhose, they smelled of his divine MISTRESS.

he immediately dropped his pants and underwear to demonstrate that he did have two strings hanging in his ass crack. MISTRESS PATTY was pleased with his obedience so far. SHE placed some baby lotion in his hands and had him massage it into his cock, balls and ass crack. his hard cock began to dribble a little bit with the silky feel of the lotion. MISTRESS PATTY began to play with his nipples getting them very erect while he continued to stimulate the cock that now belonged to HER with the lotion. he had strict orders not to cum under any circumstances and he was desperately trying to hold back.

SHE then took two maxi-pads and applied them tape side touching his body, with the first one near the tip of his cock and the other one abutting it and running up his ass crack. Then SHE put a pair of panties on him to hold everything in place. The panties had been used by MISTRESS PATTY for the last several days and they had HER cum stains on them. SHE had also used the rear of the panties to wipe HER royal ass and HER brown stains were evident on the panties.

he put on his pants and was pushed towards the door, he was going to work dressed as HER little boy toy slave. When he got to the door, SHE had one more surprise for him. SHE had put HER golden nectar into a glass and SHE then dipped a tampon into it and soaked it and the tampon quickly expanded in size absorbing HER nectar. The slave was told to open his mouth and the tampon was deposited there. he was to suck it dry and keep it in his mouth until he had savored all of its flavor.

Once outside he was to take off his blindfold and make sure that the tampon string hung out of his mouth and was visible, while he continued to suck HER nectar from it. he was permitted to remove the tampon for his meeting but had to put it back in and return to HER residence after the meeting. he found it difficult to walk with his ass full and the pads crushing his balls.

After the meeting he called HER and with HER tampon in his mouth he could do no more than listen as his speech was somewhat impaired. he was told to go to the Lane Bryant store and ask for a specific sales clerk. he was to ask for help in purchasing a bright colored bra and panty set. After purchasing them, he was to ask her if he could wear them home, giggling, she allowed him to use their changing rooms and he put them on. he was to take the panties he was wearing with his MISTRESS' cum and shit stains and put them in his mouth. he was to clean the panties as he walked through the mall to his car.

he then drove back to his MISTRESS' house and went through the blindfold process again. he was stripped and SHE admired his new clothing. he was led, blindfolded, into the bedroom and he dropped to his knees. MISTRESS PATTY then sat on the edge of the bed with HER slave kneeling in front of HER. SHE put some more baby lotion in his hands and he was allowed to massage the lotion into HER gorgeous breasts. Denied their sight he enjoyed them through his sense of feel.

MISTRESS PATTY enjoyed the breast massage and the slave could feel the heat from HER pussy and he could smell HER pussy aroma. SHE leaned back on the bed and had HER slave worship HER feet. he sucked and licked each toe and SHE had him treat each one like a small cock and told him that soon he would have to suck a regular size cock for HER amusement and his further humiliation. his tongue on HER feet made HER pussy even wetter and SHE began to play with HER pussy and he could hear and feel the pleasure he was giving HER.

SHE then ordered HER slave to lay on the bed and SHE gently sat on his face, facing his feet. HER luscious asshole was pressed onto his nose and he could smell nothing but HER. SHE leaned forward and allowed him the taste of HER sweet pussy. he began to lick and taste HER and he knew that he belonged totally to HER. SHE began to rock back and forth on his nose and tongue and SHE held on to his nipples like handles as SHE had HER first orgasm on top of HER slave.

he drank HER juices as fast as he could and continued to worship HER glorious pussy and ass. SHE sat on his face for several very satisfying orgasms and then told HER slave to play with HER cock. SHE was lifting up and down and fucking his face with HER ass and pussy while SHE watched HER cock get hard and start to drip pre-cum. SHE made him play with for a long time while SHE enjoyed the ride, making him stop and start to keep his orgasm pending for a long time.

Finally SHE allowed him to cum and he squirted all over his belly and hand. SHE told him to stay in that position and to lick HER to one more orgasm and SHE shuddered HER whole body and his with HER final orgasm. SHE made him eat the cum off of his hand and then SHE spread the rest of his cum all over his face and moustache. his face smelled of HER pussy and glistened with HER juices.

SHE dressed HER slave and allowed him to leave with his face smelling and glistening of HER essence. he would have to call HER later for permission to expel the two tampons and he would probably not be able to think of or smell anything but HER for a long time.