Suffer For Me by Mistress Patty

 Come join Me in My world of pain and pleasure. I will not judge you nor scrutinize your desire to be manipulated and explored. Keep Me entertained, stimulate Me, pleasure Me and suffer greatly for Me.

As I watch you undress, preparing for Me I can tell already that I am going to truly enjoy you. your exposed flesh, pierced nipples and prior markings of past adventures call out to Me, beg for Me to push your limits. I find Myself already dripping as I restrain you to My gallows. Seeing you lay helpless, I simply smile as I reach for My tens unit. Attaching one electrode to your erect cock then another and attaching the leads to the unit, My breathing deepens as I turn the tens slowly to 3 causing your body to react.

"Ahh My precious...will you suffer more for Me?" I inquire as I begin to attach another set of 2 electrodes to your tender balls. As the sensations begin to crawl deep within your flesh, I come close to you and whisper, "will you suffer more for Me?" With teeth on edge you moan, "yes Ma'am" over and over again. Our lips so close yet never meeting. My body reacts quickly to your answer, moistening My panties and hardening My nipples.

As the sensations from deep within your cock and balls increase then decrease, I begin to pinch and pull on your pierced nipples. Mmm at times leaning into you, biting your fleshy nipples with My teeth yet soothing them with My wet tongue and thick lips leaving My red lipstick prints upon them. With each nibble and bite more moans escape your lips, your body moves more as the sensations take over. My finger nails sharply slide across your bare skin leaving red marks within your flesh.

Hanging on each moan, each growl escaping your lips, I begin to restrain your legs to the chains above you exposing tight hidden places. "I want will suffer more for Me," as I insert a small plug deep inside your ass to open you. Inch by inch, I slide into you. Wider and wider My toys expand you till I pull from within My toy chest an inflatable dildo. Lubing you well, I insert My inflatable and begin to pump. Wider and wider My cock expands within you till it will not expand no more. Deeper, larger and thicker till you can not even push it from within you. So full, so deep, so wonderful as I begin to slowly manipulate it till it feels as though you can take no more.

From between your legs I call out to you...."will you suffer more for Me?"

"Yes Ma'am," you reply breathing deeper as I remove the needles from My box.

Slowly I begin to remove the needles one by one from their protective packaging and caps. Grasping the head of your cock, I slowly slide one needle into your foreskin on the underside of your cock. As the point pierces your skin, you gasp quickly till the point breaks out the other side. One by one, working down the underside of your cock the needles pierce your skin till I come to your scrotum. "Breath deep My pet," as I begin to insert the next needle into your sack. Slowly working down your sack till there is no room for more, I insert 3 more into your void between the base of your sack to just above your anal opening...20 needles in all. What a beautiful sight.

Running My finger tips over the protruding skin, raised by the inserted needles...I taunt you till I am ready to remove them. As the process had began, it slowly ends removing each needle one by one till there is nothing more than raised skin and small droplets of blood remaining. My cock once deep within you is removed allowing your body to become as it once was, yet feeling the short lived reminders of it's use by Me.

Sore yet relaxed we finish our time together by talking, enjoying those last few moments together till we must part one another's company. Till next time....precious.