Stockings by Mistress Patty

Feeling frisky today I decided to have a little fun. I began My day by calling slave gary. I told him I was in the mood for something rough and sexy today. A giggle as the words left My lips alerted him to the fact he should expect a good work out today. I told him to arrive at 4pm. Before hanging up I told him if he was a real good boy I'd allow him to physically release.

Now getting close to 2pm I took a nice cool shower. Allowing the water to beat down upon My nude sizzling flesh to refresh Me. As I closed My eyes so many stimulating thoughts entered My mind. Such deliciously wicked thoughts... Mmmm I'm going to enjoy Myself today I thought as I slid my fingers along My skin. Finishing I stepped out of the shower and began to dry off then walking into the bedroom.

As I continued to dry off, I began deciding what to wear. Which pieces of clothing allowed Me to feel as sexy as possible? Something smooth, tight and barely there. Instantly My black lace stockings came to mind. Removing them from the drawer then sitting upon the bed sliding one stocking slowly on. Feeling the smooth, soft material of the stocking encasing My smooth leg then repeating the ritual for the next. My black bustier and lace panties would be the next then onto My sleek skirt with slits on each side. The final touch would be My open toed 4 inch high heels pumps.

Finishing I hear a knock at the door. It could only be slave gary arriving. I opened the door and found slave gary smiling looking at Me. I welcomed him in and locked the door behind us and slowly turn to him telling him to come play with Me. Entering into the center of the playroom I told him to undress, I wanted to enjoy him nude today and he did so without hesitation. When undressed I grabbed his hand and lead him between My gallows end and My spanking bench. As he stood there I began putting the leather restraints on his wrists and ankles. As I finished I told him to lay down on the floor. Once there I began hooking the black leather restraints to each corner of both pieces of furniture. While he watched I removed My panties, teasingly throwing them over next to his head to smell My sweet juices in which had flowed into them while wearing them.

Now spread eagle on the floor I stood over his face, My legs spread giving him something to look at while I talked to him. Telling him today was going to be a very sensual experience. Giggling I took a seat above his head on the bed in which the gallows acts as a frame for. With the heels of My pumps I began sliding them over his nipples and chest, teasing him. Suddenly while he watched I slid My pointy heel along his lips and told him to suck...which he did. After a few minutes I told him to suck hard to remove My heel. Once the pump sat upon his face with his lips tightly grasping the heel I slid out My foot and told him to turn his head and release the pump to the side. Once more I repeated the seductive removal of My next pump till I was just in stockings.

My silky encased toes danced upon his body. Nipples, lips, chest, cock, balls and more...there was no end to their dance upon his heated flesh. Slowly I would slide My toes into his awaiting lips and tell him to suck them thru the stocking. Moans of pure pleasure escaping My lips with each lick, suck and nibble. My sweet juices running from deep inside Me I spread My legs a little till My fingers found My throbbing clit.

Ripples and tingles flowed from within Me. The stream of sensations taking its full effect over My body. My silky feet slide down his frame till it finds his hard member extended from his restrained body. Slowly and gently My feet surrounded his cock rubbing, teasing it. My fingers continued to rub almost in rhythm of My caressing feet. Feeling his restrained body buck from the sensations added to My excitement. At times My legs would spread more, one foot rubbing, teasing his throbbing cock and the other at his erect nipples. My toes pinching them slowly. 

Moments led to minutes till the multiples of orgasms leaving My body began to build up into a deeper, hard burst till I feel My body explode in a gush of juices leaving My warm, wet pussy finding it's way unto his burning flesh. Feeling My juices, hearing My moans his body responds by covering My silky nylon covered toes with his own. At this sight I brought My feet close to his mouth while looking down at him. I told him he will now clean his mess from My stockings. With this I began sliding each clinched set of toes into his mouth. Licking and sucking he cleaned each foot.

As he finished I stood up, the lingering juices from My wet, juicy pussy drips down upon his face and I continue to walk as droplets fall down upon his skin forming a pattern down his body. I then slide into My panties and began removing the restraints. Once finished I told him to stand and get dressed quietly which he did. As he finished I clasped his hand and led him quietly to the door. Opening it I smiled and told him I enjoyed him coming today and perhaps I'll call him again sometime to come play again.