Slutty in White by Mistress Patty

 Come to Me My little slut dressed in all white. White panties, stockings, garter belt, bra and heels. So innocent on the outside but such a dirty girl deep inside. I know what you've been thinking about slut, I know what you desire deep within.

I hear a tap upon My door and I open it to find, My innocent little slut visiting as I desire. Come in My slut, you've been quite bad and now get upon your knees.  I know you've been having naughty desires, touching private places and most of all disobeying your Owner. With down cast eyes you reply "Yes Ma'am, please forgive me".  My reply is quite simple...."there is no forgiveness only correction".

I come towards you and grab your hair then place you over the end of the bed. "Face down, legs spread and wrists behind your back" I bark suddenly.  Grabbing each ankle I restrain them to each side of the bed, causing your legs to spread wide. "Such a pale bottom exposed in such a perfect position for access", I reply. 

you hear movement behind you, panic begins to flood your mind.  your panties are jerked down exposing your bottom. Whack, whack, whack echoes throughout the room, the sting from the paddle you feel. Ripples from each strike travel over your flesh. My voice booms within your ear drums..."CONFESS!!  CONFESS NOW SLUT!  Whimpering you reply "I've been a very dirty slut, touching myself without permission and looking at filthy pictures Ma'am." Without a word the correction begins. After 25 whacks My voice fills your ears. "Each time I am not pleased with you, you will receive 50 whacks." I disappear for a few minutes then return.  Now instead of My voice you hear another as well as Mine. 

Movement of the bed you feel in front of you. I tell you to raise your face and open your mouth. Suddenly your mouth is filled with a gag that is strapped around your head, you see a dildo extending from your mouth. your eyes raise to find just passed the tip of the dildo I am sitting, spread legged and waiting. Within My eyes you see them twinkling from excitement. "This dildo is going to places you will never go" I giggle. I begin scooting down towards the tip of the dildo.

The tip finds My wet hidden place between My legs, I gasp as the tip enters Me. Slowly, moaning My body reacts to the invasion of something long and hard. My moans stop only long enough to instruct you to begin filling Me up. your head begins to bob back and forth, sliding deep and filling My juicy void. Suddenly My words lash out "I'm NOT Pleased". As sudden as My words danced within your mind, the 50 whacks begin. The sting turns into thuds causing your flesh to feel as though it is on fire even after the last strike is received.

"Now begin again slut", I order. My body once again begin to react. Moans fills the room and the smell of My warm wetness fills your nostrils. "No bitch, your doing it wrong correct it." Once again your burning flesh receive another 50. "This time you will do it correctly or it will be double next time slut."  Quickly you slide into Me once again. With a slow, gentle rhythm you fill Me. My body reacts with ripples of sensations crawling along My flesh. One after another beautiful orgasms begin leaving My body. Waves of lovely sensations cause My flesh to quiver, My lips purr with constant vibration. As I finish out My last orgasm, a flood from deep within Me shoot out from around where it was once filled.

Heart racing, breathing hard I sit up. Remove the gag and present the sweet smelling dildo still dripping with cum. your mouth remaining open I slide it into your gapping mouth telling you to suck it dry. Feeling wonderful I slide off the bed and take My friend into the other room. you are left with a mouth full of dildo still slurping the juices from it.

When I return the restraints are removed, you are told to stand and pull your panties up. 

"Now My pretty slut in white you are released." I giggle as I show you to the door. Walking slowly you leave with quite a red bottom but a new appreciation for correction.