slave david's castration by Mistress Patty

 "I know what you've been up to, I know where you have been." I thought to Myself as I saw you exit the cab. As you entered you saw Me sitting on the bed smiling, being the ever cheerful host. "Take a seat on the bench so that we can chat a bit before we begin", I told you. With a smile you do so and we begin to get reacquainted. After a short while I am ready to begin and I tell you to undress and stand in front of the cross. Without hesitation you do so.

"How exposed you look and soon to be quite helpless", I taunted as I reached for the black leather restraints. With a smirk I began attaching the restraints to your wrists then to each point of the cross on either side of you followed by a restraint on each ankle. "Can you walk away from the cross?" I asked. "No, I can not", you replied. As the words left your lips a huge smile crossed Mine and I began to giggle with glee.

"What a pathetic, worthless little man", I thought as I walked into the other room to bring in My supply table. When I had returned, I placed the supply table next to the cross for easy access. "How I do love seeing you completely helpless", I remarked as I reached for the Tri-Bander. As I attached the thick ring to the bander I began to giggle, reaching for your hanging balls. Slowly opening up the jaws of the bander, spreading the ring into a pyramid shape and sliding each of your testicles into it's void. With one smooth motion, I close the jaws of the bander around your hanging scrotum. Quickly you feel the pain of the pinch of the tightening ring as I remove the bander and leave behind the ring cutting into your flesh. As the thought of loosing your balls washes over you, you begin to ramble.

"Be quiet", I say as I reach for the ball gag and place it into your gapping lips. Quickly I fasten the straps around your head to secure the gag. As I look on My left side towards the table I see what My heart desires, the 14 gage coring needles. Warm sensations suddenly crawl down My spine as I reach for one of the needles, removing it from it's packaging. With a glint in My eye I tell you that you are going to suffer for Me today as I clean your nipples with pine cleaner then placing the forceps on your left nipple, snatching it within it's blades. With My left hand I slowly bring the needle close to your pinched nipple, piercing it slowly as I look within your eyes till the needle pierces thru the other side, exposing it's tip. As the pain from the prick begins to sizzle thru out your left side, I place the forceps onto your right nipple as you watch. My hand reaches for the next needle, removing it from its packaging and begin it's path as the prior had done.

"Tick, tick, tick, tick....15 minutes has passed and your balls are slowly dying from the blood supply being removed. Reddish purple, slowly becoming darker. Subtle changes alerting to their demise. No longer do you feel extreme pain, just an unreal numbness." I proclaim. My excitement is evident by My heavy breathing and uncontrollable giggles from viewing such delightfully wicked colors knowing soon your manhood will be Mine. Scanning over My supply table once again in My little eye I see My scalpel. My heart skips a beat as My hand extends. My fingers slide slowly around the handle lovingly grasping it tight. My fingers slightly tickle the blade as I demonstrate it's sharpness.  All the while you watching closely at My delight.  My upper lip curls as I begin wiping your scrotum with pine cleaner. The coolness of the alcohol titillates you, taunts you.

As I bring the blade close to your bare flesh I whisper, "I am going to set you free". My blade slowly teases your flesh, slicing into it. Droplet's of blood gently appear as My blade pierces, cutting into your darkening sack. Slowly slicing down the left of center of your sack, just above where your testicle is. "Perhaps I will just remove them surgically", I taunt as I begin slicing into the right of center. Carefully repeating the motions to slide the blade further into your skin.

"Tick, tick, tick, tick....another 15 minutes has past now, your balls must be dead now", I chant as I yank on your bloody sack.

Feeling quite aroused I sit across from you on the bed, laying back to expose My juicy pussy. Sliding My fingers along My clit, I adore My progress. Watching your swollen, discolored sack dripping blood along the floor. Moans begin to leave My body, deep from between My void, filling the air with the smell of My juices. "you will never use women as wank material ever again", I hiss as the sensations travel thru out My body. As the ripples of sensations flood out of Me I begin to get louder till a puddle of sweet juice appears on the bed. Sitting up, I slide My skirt down once again and walk over to you applying My blood stop pen to your sack and removing the band. "No I will not do surgical nor banding," I say as I clean your now pulsating sack as the circulation returns. Giggling, I begin to remove each coring needle replacing them with captive rings. "Mmmmm I just love pierced nipples" I proclaim.

As I began detaching you from the cross, removing the leather restraints I tell you that you will return tomorrow at 2pm. Just before I release you from the last restraint I smile and remove the ball gag from your dripping mouth.

Once dressed we find the cab waiting for you just outside but before leaving I whisper in your ear..."Tomorrow at 2pm you will come to Me....who knows what will happen then."

Never being the one to disappoint, you show up smelling sweetly at My door at 2pm on the dot. As you enter this time you see not only Myself sitting on the bed but another younger lady that you had never met before. "Take a seat on the CBT bench david", I say quite smugly as you sit down. We begin our visit with very light chit chat. Soon I look at you and say, "Oh by the way this is Lisa and I have told her all about you." Surprised by the honesty to My friend you simply reply, "Yes Ma'am". After a few moments as I was ready to begin, I looked at Lisa smiling, "today I am going to show you how I prefer My men." Lisa laughs and says, "I am looking forward to it."

"Undress, then on the floor and kneel", I tell you. Once undressed and kneeling on the floor you are at eye level to our bare feet. Giggling, Lisa and I begin to taunt you. "So you enjoy pulling on that pathetic little thing and watching nude girls do you?" I snidely remark. Looking downward you reply, "yes Ma'am." As Lisa and I continue our bombardment of criticism, your eyes remain looking at the floor. "What? you can't get it up for a REAL woman?" I ask driving home My point. Noticing your dismay I laugh..."what a pathetic, worthless male you are."

As you shift back and forth your body weight onto your knees, I tell you to stand up then walk over to the large spanking bench in the corner of the room. Once you have climbed up onto the bench, your knees bent as your body is laying over the leather covered back of it, I begin sliding the leather belts over your calves, thighs and back to restrain you completely. I place a wedge between your bent knees to keep your legs separated.

Just as the last belt is tightened and latched, I look over at Lisa with a huge smile. "Lisa can you believe all the nasty shit this sick fuck has been up to?" Smiling back she says, "No, I can't and it is a very good thing you are doing for not only this pathetic prick but society. I wish all sick fuckers would get their nuts cut off." As I place the ball gag in your mouth I say, "I couldn't agree with you more Lisa."

Lisa proceeds to the bed as we talk loudly, continuing I reach for My English Raton Cane. Suddenly without a word I begin. The swish from the cane slicing thru the air booms when it makes contact to your bare flesh. Quickly a red mark appears as the onset of the welt follows. Soon your flesh is covered in long red marks that the cane as left behind. "you won't be disrespecting any other female after I am done with you today, bitch. No more of your wanking to nude girls, No more of your wasting money and attention on that worthless piece of flesh that defines your gender."

Now the once red marks turn into slices, blood and bruising takes its place as I continue caning your burning flesh. The more I talk, the heavier the booms blasts over your skin. Suddenly I pause and throw aside My cane, calling for Lisa. "Lisa, come hold this bitches cords in place." As you feel Lisa's hands cupping your scrotum roughly, you feel the squeeze from your finger tips holding the cords in place....your nostrils are filled with the familiar scent of pine cleaner.

"Today you are going to feel every single second of your balls demise bitch", as I place the burdizzo on your left cord. In a quick motion I close the burdizzo hear the snap of the clamp as it closes completely. Instantly you feel the snap, the cord being pinched to cut the blood supply off to your testicles. your body begins to shake and sweat from the intense pain. From behind you, you hear Lisa and I laughing and rejoicing. Minutes pass yet feels like an eternity till I remove the clamp. As the blood supply returns the pain increases. Slightly broken skin of your scrotum, swelling and the obvious crimp of the cord is embedded into your scrotum.

The familiar scent once again of pine cleaner fills the air..."One more cord and you are completely Mine." As My words roll off My tongue your body begins to shake as if you are attempting to get loose. "What? you want to wank one last time bitch? No! you have wanked all you are EVER going to before coming to Me. Now Lisa keep his cord in place", I say as you feel the cold steel of the burdizzo encase the right side of your sack. As sudden as before you hear the snap of the steel closing completely, pinching your cord, cutting off the blood supply once again. The intense pain already being present from the left now increases. My voice echoes in your head, "Now you can be truly Mine, selfless and attentive to My needs."

Minutes passing, your body is shaking even more violently now. I remove the clamp from your right cord. Feeling quite pleased with Myself, I begin removing the belts holding you down. Without removing the ball gag I tell you to climb onto the bed and lay on your back. Once laying down, Lisa and I begin restraining your wrists and ankles to the gallows frame.

Nude, helpless, castrated, bleeding, bruised and swollen, you lay restrained on the bed. Lisa and I being quite content, undress and snuggle up to your battered body.

"Sweet Dreams" are the last words I utter as we drift off into our own dream land.