Sissy Danielle's Chastity: Wk #6 05/01/2022


This week saw me serve you virtually via Skype for the first time ever.  Not knowing what to expect, I was of course nervous as usual.  Now that I feel I’ve “gotten the job” as your personal assistant I feel more pressure to perform and to please you.

I loved the way I was immediately inspected to make sure my clothes were on point and professional looking, my nails were painted, and I was in my proper serving position.  Within almost seconds I felt like I had “clocked in” and was in servant mode.  The clothing is starting to feel almost second nature and less and less like a costume I wear to play.  Every piece of my “work” wardrobe has gone through your approval process, and I’ve been told that now that the outward layer is almost perfect that the body behind the clothes is next to be turned female.

I won’t lie and say I’m ready.  I know you’re going to give me a female form that will consist of more than just wearing fake breasts or stuffing my bra.  There is going to be some pain and discomfort that comes with this process and it’s going to coincide with being sent out in public to test the shape you give me while also doing things to hopefully make your life easier.

While I hope to still be used as living art for you, something I’ve always enjoyed doing, I know I am soon to be tasked with everything a “normal” personal assistant would do for her employer.

Here’s hoping I am able to please you in this role as well.

My purpose is to give my Mistress obedience and pleasure.