Sissy Danielle's Chastity: Wk #5 04/24/2022

This week saw yet another step forward into my training as your girl.  I got to meet you for an in-person meeting.  It felt like a job interview for a position in your stable of useful subs that bring you pleasure.  Per your instructions I made sure my nails, makeup, and hair were on point.  I came prepared for anything and was, as always, left wanting more.

It seems this week my dress code has been made official.  The position of being under your thumb in chastity now requires that I be dressed as if I want to be taken seriously as a passing female representing the face of the law firm Ms Patty and associates.  I need to start being confident that I can be the femme face that people see and know that you mean business and are to be obeyed.

I feel like the meeting went well.  I truly enjoyed looking the way I did all day and didn’t feel all that self-conscious driving home worrying about other people looking at me.  Once you told me that I truly look very feminine at this point and I should actually expect to me be called ma’am and that pretty much everyone assumes I’m a girl when I have my hair styled, makeup done, and nails painted I truly began to see what you.  Now when I look in a full-length mirror in something that adheres to your dress code requirements, I no longer see a boy in women’s clothing.  I see a girl.  I know that that piece of flesh still exists between my legs, but I also know it’s been deemed useless and that the package that surrounds it is, in fact, female.  danielle is my name and I should expect even the most curious stranger to not be surprised when I tell them that feminine name.

I can’t wait for our next meeting when you have already let me know that we will begin shaping the rest of my body to give me an even more enhanced female form.  I suspect it won’t be long and I will be totally leaving and semblance of my masculinity behind.

My purpose is to give me Mistress obedience and pleasure.