Sissy Danielle's Chastity: Wk #2 04/03/2022

I’ve noticed already that this time u see your thumb is going to advance at a much faster pace than previous times.  During my last time, the most time I was required to dress in any one day was 6 hours.  Here I am, just 2 weeks in and already I’m required to do four 8 hour days per week dressed completely femme from head to toe.  You have told me that, to you, I’m a girl.  I’m not a male in chastity who is being femmed, I am just outright a girl.  It’s a role I’m being thrown into the deep end to start.  When representing You in any way, shape, or form my name is danielle, I’m female, and that’s it.

My body had adapted to the chastity device already.  I sleep through the night, I barely notice it’s on, and the thought of bras, panties, and female attire no longer causes it to get any kind of erection.  It’s basically my “new normal” just 14 days into chastity.  The things that cause me to experience any kind of excitement down there have changed from deciding what to wear to thinking about what kind of bondage/collars/chains/masks/gags I will be put in when given the privilege of serving You in person.  I know your love of turning you playthings into living pieces of art, and it excites me to think of being a piece of eye candy or possibly even a featured video on Your website.  Just knowing I may be a reason why another human decides to contact you and provide you with even more pleasure excites me.  It causes me to feel that little hug from the the chastity device that comes from successfully completing the task that is my mantra…”My purpose is to provide my Mistress with obedience and pleasure”.  I’ve already scheduled my next hair appointment so that I can stay as femme as possible 24/7 while also fulfilling your dressing requirements going forward.

I’ve also gone through and separated out all of my femme clothes once again so they are more easily accessible.  I look forward to letting you see as much variety as possible.  I like how the standard sissy maid dress isn’t your favorite and forces me to try to pass in “regular” female attire.  It really does reinforce to me that, to you’ I am simply a girl.