Sissy Danielle's Chastity: Wk #1 03/27/2022

While I am overjoyed at being back under your thumb and in chastity to you again, I had forgotten how hard the transition is initially.  This week has been filled with semi sleepless nights and crazy chastity/femme related dreams that I can only semi remember.  Days have been filled with moments of discomfort and hours of frustration.  Since last being under your strict supervision, my frequency of dressing and transforming into my femme self has scaled back drastically.  Moving again made my female wardrobe relocate from its own closet into a suitcase that has yet to be unpacked.  I’ve contemplated getting just a simple rack that I could hand a few outfits on, but life keeps getting in the way of my wishes.

Your assignment this week was to once again get familiar with the mantra “my purpose is to give my Mistress obedience and pleasure”.  This came back to me easily…like the proverbial riding a bike.  I loved the feeling of kneeling in the position you laid out for me and getting to that “sub brain” point where I don’t have any stray thoughts.  It takes about 5-10 minutes each time, but it’s the same feeling I get the very moment I walk in your door when serving in person where I can easily say “yes Ms Patty” to any order or task given to me.

I also did manage to find an hour this week to dress a little bit.  I pulled out that elusive suitcase to take stock of what was accessible and found my school uniform.  I am happy to say it still fits.  I’m not happy to say that I’m going to have to get some clear duct tape to repair my silicon breasts.  Being packed away seems to have resulted in some little tears.  I anticipate needing those again in the coming months.  It felt a little strange being in that full outfit again but was a nice way to dip my toe back into what my become rather deep water.  For now, I’m just anxious to have to learn to swim again.

Week 1 down.  Hopefully many more to come.