Ring by Mistress Patty

 Ring...Ring...Ring...As you answer your phone, you hear My voice. Come to Me. I have a lovely idea how to spend our night together. I am at the old party place on the East Side of Columbus but first stop at the hotel where I always stay. Just ask for My room number.. Yes that one. Come to Me.

I hear a knock at the door of My suite. I look over at My fem slave and tell her to answer it. As the door opens all you can see is My very nude, busty and curvy fem slave angel. Seeing you standing at the door I tell you to enter. She closes the door behind you and I tell you to come to Me and kneel. Crossing the room you see Me dressed stockings, heels with a short skirt and bustier all in black. Kneeling at My feet I look down at you and smile. Kissing My open toed heels, you tell Me that you are happy to be once again in My presence. Tonight is another BBW party over at the Jitterbug. We are attending. Undress.

As you undress, I tell slave angel to begin getting dressed in what I have brought her to wear. As your cloths come off you notice slave angel sliding each long leg into a black stocking with lacy trim up top of each of them. As you continue I begin to giggle. So you like the view I see slave cinci.  Good it will make for an even more memorable night.  In one quick motion I grab that little bitch between your legs and look you in the eye. Laughing again I tell you to get soft or I will make this bitch in My hand soft. Quickly the little bitch softens and I begin to giggle as I put the CB-2000 ring around your cock and balls. Before putting the cage of the CB on I put 2 electrodes from the TENS unit on either side of the shaft of your cock, making sure the leads go between your legs to the back of them. Then 2 more electrodes on the either side of the scrotum. The leads once again go between your legs then I place the cage over your little member, slowly sliding the brass lock to keep the CB nice and secure. I show you the 2 little keys to My CB and tell you these will be close to My heart tonight. I'm wearing them on My gold chain around My neck. The keys you will see and you will be reminded in more ways than one that your cock is Mine.

Kneeling nude before Me just wearing My CB-2000 and the leads I tell you to stand up and get dressed, making sure the leads stay between your legs and are slightly sticking outside the back of your pants. When you are finished kneel down before Me again. Slave angel is now wearing what I had given her to wear. A shear slinky black dress, black thongs, black stockings and heels. Down upon your knees you go again in front of Me.

As I rise from My chair I tell you to stand up and turn around. I grab the leads from the back of your pants and attach them to the TENS unit. To test I slowly edge the voltage on both sets of electrodes to 4, as I do so you jump. I then declare yes indeed they are working and giggle. I set both set then to 3 just to give a bit of a sensation till I want to have you suffer again for Me.  I grab My purse and I tell you to grab the door we are leaving...

Arriving at the party I walk 2 feet ahead of you till I find our spot for the evening. As the evening passes I entertain Myself edging the voltage between 3 and 8 then watching you react. How wonderfully stimulating. I whisper into slave angel's ear to go, pick a real man within the party and tell him if he asks Me nice enough to fuck her that I may consider it. She goes off in search of the perfect cock to humiliate herself with. As I watch her approaching men and playing with your little caged cock thru your pants under the table, I feel Myself growing wetter as I hear your moans.

A handsome man approaches Me and begins to ask if her may have sex with My slave angel.  I continue playing with your caged cock and look at him and simple giggle. I tell him if he comes back to My room then he may fuck her but only within My room. He agrees without question. I then tell both you and slave angel we are leaving.

Entering the room I turn off the TENS and remove the leads from it then tell you to remove your clothing and kneel on the floor at the edge of the bed. I look at slave angel and tell her to take her stranger onto the bed and entertain Me. Slowly slave angel removes her dress and thong, wearing just her stockings with heels and poses suggestively on the bed. Smiling I tell her stranger to give Me a good show.  He undresses and begins kissing her all over, his cock rock hard doing so. I sit on the edge of the bed watching and begin removing My panties, spreading My legs in front of you as you kneel helplessly at My feet with your head down. Grabbing a fist full of hair I bring you up to eye level of the bed and tell you to watch slave angel and the stranger. At this point he is licking her pussy getting her wet to fuck her. The room fills with sounds of moaning and licking sounds. I look down upon you and tell you to watch closely because your caged little cock will not be getting any action tonight unless I am well pleased. I spread My legs suddenly and tell you to lap My juices and I expect to cum many times before I am thru. I lean back and you begin to lick.

My clit throbbing from all the lovely stimulation, you begin to lick and kiss My clit passionately. I moan from your tongue as I watch the stranger sliding his hard cock deep into My slave angel. Fucking her harder with each thrust. Getting more aroused I begin to squirt juices all over your face, telling you to go further I want to cum more. Taking deep breaths I notice the room smelling sweetly of sex as the silence quickly fills with passionate moaning.

The stranger begins to cum and shoots all over slave angel's tits as she thanks him for helping her entertain her Mistress. He cleans up and leaves as I tell her to come to Me covered in his cum. Grabbing the collar around her neck I tell her to kneel next to you. Doing so I then tell you to stop and lick the cum from her breasts. Now covered in My sweet juices you begin to lick each glob of cum dripping down her. As you clean the cum I pat her head and tell her that she has pleased Me well tonight and that she may have a reward. Once cleaned I tell her to sit next to Me on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. I then look at you and tell you to lick her clit. Whispering I lay next to slave angel and while playing with her large juicy nipples I tell her to beg to cum. Soon her body begins to shiver and loud moans begin as she starts to beg. After a few minutes I tell her that she may cum...Loudly she releases her sweet juices into your mouth, covering your lips.

Feeling wonderfully refreshed I tell slave angel to go take a shower to get all the sex from her skin. I stand and as you kneel I tell you that while you have pleased Me I have decided that bitch between your legs will stay caged till I see you again. Giggling I tell you to get dressed without question and then kneel before Me again.

Now smelling like cum, you kneel before Me as the sun is rising upon a new day. Laughing I stand and go to the door of the room and open it. Mmmm My little cinci slave you have pleased Me well but you will continue to remember whose cock that is as I grabbed My gold chain around My neck displaying the keys to the CB-2000 that you wear.  Now stand. Just as you pass Me I whisper to you that I'll see you soon....goodbye.