My Toilet by Mistress Patty

 Come My toilet kneel upon your knees,  I whisper above you where I left you the night before. I place My collar around your neck looking down upon your nude flesh. Reaching for My leash hanging on the wall I begin to smile, sliding the steel chain between My fingers finally attaching it to the collar around your neck. Grasping the leash, I begin to lead you down the hall. Watching behind Me, I see you crawling slowly with your head hanging low.

As we enter the bathroom door a huge smile cross's My lips...With glee I tell you today you will taste all of Me. With each step I dance hooking the leash to the hook beside the bathtub then placing you on your back within it still attached. Slowly I begin removing My panties, showing you how wet they are already from the thought of feeding you. Giggles escape My lips as I begin setting up the enema equipment. Pulling My 1 quart can from the cabinet, filling it with warm water. As I add the enema nozzle then lubing it I smile and say " I bet you think I'm filling your cunt up today, cleaning you out to prepare you to get fuck...your wrong".

Within a moment I stretch My legs over your face. My most hidden treasures completely exposed a few inches above your lips. Slowly I arch My back and slowly slide the lubed enema nozzle inside of Me releasing the warm water, filling Me slowly. Feeling the water as it expands My bowels. Once half the enema can has emptied inside of Me I remove the enema nozzle, holding the fluids by clinching. Giggles fills the air, taunting you with what is about to fill your mouth and stomach. My juices flowing, dripping down upon your lips and face. I tell you to lick your lips to taste My pussy do as ordered. As I begin to feeling the cramping from being filled I tell you to open your mouth. After lowering My ass down upon your lips I tell you to open wide, to take every bit of food I give you. Slowly I begin to release into your mouth. Warm water mixed with brown slowly exits Me releasing into your mouth. Each mouthful you swallow quickly. I hiss telling you to savor Me, enjoy My flavor until I am empty.

As the last mouthful is slowly sliding down your throat I re-insert the enema nozzle, filling Myself up with the last of the warm water. Arching My back to take all of it and filling Me deeply once again. Once the can is emptied I remove the nozzle and slide My ass down once again to your lips and tell you to use your tongue as toilet paper to clean My oven...without a pause you clean Me.

Being so filled My pussy drips constantly now. Slight cramps I begin to feel. Moaning with great delight I tell you to open your mouth wide to eat more from you open I being to release My load down your throat slowly. Each mouthful of liquid and brown you chew and swallow till I am completely empty once again. your stomach full I question you...How do I taste? Sweet you reply.  Once again you are told to clean Me...once again you do. As I stand up and exit the tub I tell you to stand and shower do so.

Now that I am finished with you toilet carry Me inside you today and remember My taste for you will taste Me again real soon.