Life Before My Potty Box by Mistress Patty

 Life before My potty box. I used a small bench for awhile, before that a converted potty chair and of course the tried and true method of just squatting over My human toilet. While I just love My potty box there are some downfalls with using it. I was reminded of this today.

My day started out preparing for a meeting with a new toilet. Our interests within toilet slavery are quite similar which involves full toilet and smothering with the added bonus of CBT, NT and breath control. Knowing this I knew I was going to have an excellent time as long as there was a great connection. Soon enough I would find out if this would be the case.

An hour prior to our meeting My phone run, it was toilet tom calling to confirm. As usual I gave him last minute instructions along with directions. From the time I hung up to the time I heard the knock at My screen door it seemed like it was over in the blink of an eye. Perhaps it was the anticipation of what I had planned. I do know I could hardly wait for today to happen.

Once I opened the door, I invited him in. We sat for a few minutes within My play room chit chatting till I was ready to use him. With a quirky grin I told him to get undressed because today he was going to be My personal toilet. Physically his body reacted immediately. Giggling I told him I refuse to use the porcelain toilet when I have a human one today and once undressed to lay on his back on the floor with his head inside My potty box. Without hesitation he did so but as quickly as he followed My orders I noticed because of his size he did not fit well into My box. Bummer I replied at the sight and told him to get on his knees and craw between My potty box and spanking bench then lay on his back. Once again he did so without question. "Perfect" I thought to Myself then proceeded to get My leather restraints.

As he lay between My potty box and spanking bench I began taking his wrists above his head and attaching them with the leather restraints to the potty box. Ahh but the set was not complete so I take his ankles one by one using the restraints and attaching them to the bottom of My spanking bench. Stretched out and totally helpless, what a sight to behold. I looked down upon My toilet and simply smiled as I began removing My panties from under My black skirt then sat on My potty box which was now slightly above toilet's head.

Slowly scooting off the potty while straddling his head with My legs I squatted over his mouth and lowered Myself down onto his lips..."now open your mouth toilet" I told him. As he opened his mouth, I released a strong stream of golden that echoed within his empty mouth, flushing down his throat. Once finished I told toilet to clean Me, as the words left My mouth I lowered Myself even further onto his lips and began feeling his slick tongue lapping up every drop that remained. Enjoying the cleaning I reached over and grabbed a length of rope from the bed next to us.

As he continued to clean Me I began restraining his balls with the length of rope till his balls was tightly encased and with a make shift leash leading to My finger tips. Suddenly I slid a little further down till My butt cheeks was separated by toilet's nose. I slowly raised up and told him to breath deep and smell My fragrance as I tugged on the leash to his balls in sharp jerks. Once again I lowered My hidden treasure down till his entire mouth was covered with My dripping pussy with his nose buried deep inside My cheeks. Within a short time I began feeling suction from him attempting to breath all the while I increased My weight down onto his face cutting off all his air resources. One thousand one, One thousand two and so on till suddenly his body began to react by thrusting about and shaking. Just before he reached the darkness from unconsciousness I jerked the leash connected to his balls and raised up returning his air, allowing him to breath. I purred with excitement and told him that he is completely helpless, that I control his entire being. At that I lowered Myself once again as I tell him to breath deep.

Similar to before I covered his face with My now completely wet pussy, his nose with My ass crack. I hear from under Me the sounds of his air disappearing and feeling the suction stronger than before. The reaction of his body the final time was much more intense, shaking, thrusting and bucking with limited movement since he was still restrained. Moment by moment I waited till the darkness of unconsciousness was so close once again then suddenly I jerked the leash harder than before and sat up giggling returning his air.

"Now toilet open your mouth and stick out your tongue, I am going to feed you" I told him. His mouth opened wide, his tongue extended from his lips as My bottom slowly slid down unto his tongue penetrating My oven. Feeling his tongue deep inside Me, I began to slowly ride it till I could feel My brown load straining against his tongue. "Remove your tongue and prepare to eat" I moaned jerking the leash. As soon as I told him, a long brown log began to work itself down into his awaiting mouth. "Bite and chew 25 times each piece toilet" as I controlled the delivery of My brown delight and sharply jerking the leash. This repeated 5 times till I was completely empty. Once finished I stood up looking down upon My shit faced toilet smiling and said "lick your lips, I want to make sure you enjoy every last piece".

"Time flies by when your having fun", I said as I removed the restraints then the leash and told him to go clean up. Soon he returned and dressed. As I walked him to the door I told him that I enjoyed using him today and perhaps we will again very soon.