Hard & Soft Limits

 While you may have heard these terms, you may not have an understanding of them. This article will give you a better idea of what your possible Hard and Soft limits are. And yes, everyone even Myself has Hard set limits. 

Any Dominant you contact SHOULD ask you what your hard and soft limits are. If not, make sure that you inform them. Yes a submissive/bottom has the right to inform a prospective Dominant/Top/Owner of their own personal hard limits and expect them to be respected. This information should be discussed during negotiations/prior to meeting.

Without this information, the scene could be interrupted or stopped completely from the lack of this vital information. Knowing your limits, also keeps both you and your prospective Dominant/Top/Owner safe.

What are Hard Limits?

These are things you will not or can not do. 

An experienced Dominant will respect these and will not force or cause a situation which these may happen.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Hard Limits:

1.) Brown Showers 2.) Same Sex 3.) Children/Illegal 4.) Animals 

5.) Rainbow (Vomit) 6.) Permanent Marks 7.) Blood  8.) Video/Pictures 

9.) Insertions 10.) Public Play

What are Soft Limits?

These are things you can't imagine yourself doing unless forced or ordered to by your Dominant.

An experienced Dominant will guide you by pushing these limits gently.

Here is the list of the Top 10 Soft limits:

**Note some are same as above.

1.) Public  2.) Same Sex  3.) Electro  4.) Breath Play  

5.) Needles 6.) Impact Play/Discipline 7.) Medical  8.) Anal  

9.) Shaving/Waxing  10.) Insertions