Enema by slave michael

 MISTRESS PATTY met him at the door and had him remove all of his clothing and told him to leave his male pride and ego with his clothes. he entered the room and knelt before this GODDESS, he was in awe.

MISTRESS PATTY had some preliminary discussions and then had the slave follow HER into the dungeon. SHE had him stand spread legged with his arms over his head. SHE carefully inspected him, pulling and tweaking where SHE wanted a closer look. Then SHE had him bend over and pull his cheeks apart. SHE took one look at his slut hole and decided that it needed cleaning.

SHE attached the slave to HER table with his arms tied to one end and his legs spread and attached to the table legs. In this position, his ass was up in the air and well exposed. SHE left the room and returned with and enema bag. SHE had filled it with soapy warm water with a touch of mint, to take away his disgusting male odor. SHE set up the enema and

began to slowly insert the end into his waiting hole.

SHE teased him with the end and told him that maybe it was ice cold water or maybe very hot water. By the time SHE was ready to administer his cleaning, he had broken out into a light sweat, in anticipation of the unknown.

SHE started the enema slowly, wanting him to appreciate it. SHE would clamp it off and then pull on his balls or hand spank his ass. By the time all of the enema filled his dirty bowels, his ass was nice and pink and his balls were very sore. SHE released him from the table and then told him to get to his knees, holding the enema tube inside of him with one hand. SHE then directed him to worship HER perfect ass, this he did with passion.

SHE finally let him expel his enema and SHE again put him into the same position. SHE left the room and returned with another enema bag. This one was only half as much as the last one, however, he would have to hold it in for a long period of time. This enema was ice cold and his cramps began immediately. SHE explained to him that this is what women go through every month and he was also going to experience this every month from now on.

After the bag was emptied, SHE moved him to HER punishment chair. This was a chair with a butt plug attached to the narrow seat area. There were two braces for his legs which extended at a 45 degree angle from the chair. The butt plug was lubricated and he had to slide up and down on the plug before it "plopped" into position. his ass was filled and his stomach was cramping. his legs were tied to the braces and his stomach was belted to the back board. In this position, his cock and balls dangled below him where the seat of the chair should have been.

MISTRESS PATTY then took two hemostats and attached one to each of his nipples. SHE adjusted them tighter and tighter until the pain had him writhing in agony. SHE then put some cream in his hands and told him that he was about to get a very great reward, he was going to be allowed to massage the cream into HER perfect ass cheeks. However, what he did not know was that his wrist cuffs were going to be attached to the ends of the hemostats. Thus, as SHE moved farther from him he would have to pull his nipples away from his body in order to reach the nirvana of HER milky white delectable ass. It was the ultimate in pain and pleasure for him and all pleasure for HER.

After he had tortured his own nipples enough and showed the proper respect for HER ass, his wrist cuffs were attached to the T bar over his head. The hemostats staid in place, bobbing up and down with his labored breathing. SHE told him that he was behaving very well for a sissy slut on her period. SHE then asked him what macho men expected their women to do for them when they were on the rag and having cramps. Shove it up their ass? How about a good blow job?

SHE asked the cramping slave if he felt in the mood to give a great head job to some stiff cock the way he now felt. How, SHE asked, did he think that other WOMEN felt when put into that position? Well he was about to find out. MISTRESS GINA led in a blindfolded slave with a stiff dick into the dungeon and over to the punishment chair. MISTRESS PATTY then said that the slave could suck and worship the cock and make it cum in the rubber while it was in his hot bitch mouth or he could sit with his cramps for an additional hour. he pleaded with his eyes but SHE only stared down at him, finally he cast his eyes down and SHE ordered the stiff dick into his mouth.

After a few strokes SHE told the suckee to stop with his cock in the slave's mouth. SHE bent over and began playing with the hemostats and reawakened the pain in his nipples. SHE whispered in his ear that he better please the dick and make it cum or maybe he would never get rid of the cramps. When SHE stood up, SHE could see that his tongue had begun to work and that SHE could now hear a sucking sound. SHE smiled with his obedience.

The dick began to pulse and throb and soon the slave felt the shooting cum hitting the roof of his mouth through the rubber. he was totally humiliated and embarrassed and he was totally HERS.

MISTRESS GINA then led the now limp cocksman out of the dungeon. MISTRESS PATTY then asked how the cocksucking cramping slut now felt. his downcast head, slumped over shoulders and teary eyes told HER that he was broken and he would be HERS for life. SHE was now convinced that he would obey any and all of HER commands.

SHE asked if his mouth was dry and sore, knowing that it would be from the size of the cock that had just filled it to overflowing. SHE left the room and returned with HER hands behind HER back. SHE told him to close his eyes and open his cocksucking mouth. he immediately obeyed, the conditioning to total obedience seemingly now present. SHE inserted a pair of HER panties into his mouth. SHE had earlier used the panties to clean HER royal ass after depositing HER delectable excrement into the toilet bowl. SHE had just now wet it with HER royal nectar.

he sucked on the wet, shit stained panties and tasted all of HER flavors at once. The feeling in his mouth returned and his taste buds were brought back to life. SHE told him to tongue clean the panties and suck out every ounce of HER juices. SHE then released him from the punishment seat and sent him into the bathroom to expel the previously cold water. he eventually emerged drained of energy and ego.

The slave was told to lay on the floor on his back. He continued to clean HER soiled panties in his mouth. MISTRESS PATTY knelt on his outstretched arms, facing his hard and waving cock. SHE slowly lowered HER beautiful buttocks onto his face. he inhaled the sensuous smells of HER ass and wet pussy. SHE smothered him with HER vibrant and electric sex.

Leaning slightly forward, SHE began playing with his sore and engorged nipples. SHE enjoyed the slave's involuntary movements HER actions were causing. The slave's nose was being thrust into HER nether hole each time he bounced from HER tweaking, pulling and scratching of his nipples. SHE moved further forward and his breathing became difficult and he knew that with his mouth full of HER taste and his nose full of HER smell, his very life belonged to HER. If SHE chose, SHE could have smothered the air out of him. His breathing was labored and he was getting only small amount of oxygen and it was all scented with HER.

SHE poured oil on his cock and balls and began to play with them, causing him to squirm more and bringing HER more pleasure from his nose and face. SHE tortured him in this manner for several minutes before finally allowing him the ejaculation he so needed. his worthless slave cock squirted his male liquid all over his stomach and his cock and balls. MISTRESS PATTY stood up and removed HER panties from his mouth. SHE then watched as he scooped up his cum in his hands and licked up every bit he could reach. SHE took out a pair of HER old and worn out panties and wiped HER ass and pussy dry with them. Then SHE wiped up the remaining cum and told the slave to suck on them.

The slave was then allowed to dress and with the flavorful panties still in his mouth he was dismissed. Leaving HER presence caused him to have a heavy heart and he sucked on the panties as hard as he could for the next several hours so that he could still feel close to his OWNER, MISTRESS PATTY.