Come To Me by: Mistress Patty

Come to Me. Come to Me and melt deep inside My realm. My realm is filled with sounds of passion, the scent of lust and ever growing anticipation. I will lead, you will follow. These are the words I spoke to him during his confirmation call an hour before we met.

Sub dave arrived as he was instructed to My door. As I heard the knock I motioned for him to come in. Once inside I told him to close My door and lock it. Doing so it was obvious he was nervous as I watched his hands trembling. Realizing he was quite nervous he and I began chatting over his previous experience. In these precious moments his nervousness settled down and I was ready to begin.

"Undress completely and then come lay upon My bed in the center", I whispered to him. Without a word he undressed and climbed upon My bed then centered himself under the chains of the gallows. As I watched, I pulled My harness from the storage cabinet and placed it around My waist, between My thighs then buckled it into place. Before reaching for any toys to amuse Myself with, I climbed upon the bed and restrained his wrists to each corner of the bed above his head. To finish I restrained his ankles to the chains hanging from the gallows above him.

Once restrained I whispered once again to him, "you will watch as I enjoy you tonight". His reply was a short, "yes Ma'am".  While listening to his quickened paced breathing I reached for the electrodes and placed 2 on his cock then another 2 on either side of his scrotum then attaching the leads from the electrodes to the E-Stim. With a turn of the knob I began increasing the voltage till he shown a physical reaction. Giggling I watched as his body spasmed, as gentle moans left his lips. As I continued to manipulate his body by changing the pace of the pulse, I could feel Myself getting aroused causing Me to remove My bare breasts from My black bustier to gently rub My nipples as I caused his body to continue to react.

As I got more aroused, I slowed the pulse down to a light crawl and grabbed needles and alcohol pads from My table then slide between his restrained legs. Looking deep into his eyes I whispered to him, "will you suffer for Me?" His reply was "yes Ma'am". As I look deep into his eyes I smile as I rub and manipulate his sensitive nipples with a alcohol pad. Whispering again I ask as I grasp his nipple, "will you suffer for Me?" As soon as the words left My lips I inserted the needle into his tender nipple, breaking thru his flesh to the other side. His reply was "yes Ma'am" as I quickly slid further between his legs till My lips met his and gently kissed them. My hard nipples digging into his bare chest I slowly slid back down and asked again. "Will you suffer for Me?" As his reply left his lips My next needle found it's place crossing the previous needle thru the same nipple.

A loud moan left My lips as I slid between his legs once again finding his quivering lips with Mine. "My very good boy", I tell him. Pausing for a moment I move over to My table to reach for My strap-on and lube. I attached My condom encased 6 in dildo to My harness and slowly began opening his tight ass with My gloved finger covered in lube. Once ready I slid between his legs, sliding My lubed cock slowly into him. Deeper, allowing him to feel each and every inch of Me till I slid inside him with ease.

As I reached a comfortable position, I reached My arms above Me for the chains hanging from the gallows to secure Myself as I thrust My cock deep inside him. My long curls hung gently over My bare breasts as  I continue to thrust, raping his now gaping hole till I had My fill. My thrusts was met with his moans as if we was a part of a passion filled choir that rang thru out the room till at last My desire was fulfilled. I lowered Myself down upon his chest, My bare skin upon his and placed My lips onto his for one last kiss as I removed Myself from deep inside him.

As I released him from My restraints, removed My toys and told him to dress there was a sweet stillness around us. Before walking him to the door, I turned to him and said " I will definitely be enjoying you again real soon".