Baseball Cap by Mistress Patty

 As you fly thru My door wearing jeans and a baseball cap, I stand just inside of the door waiting.

With My paddle in one hand and My evidence in the other I shout "explain this, boy". " I don't know Ma'am", slowly slipped from your lips. 

" I will NOT repeat Myself boy... why did I find these red panties hidden in your bedroom?" Immediately looking towards the ground a long quiet whisper escaped your insides, "they are a gift for you Ma'am". 

"Liar! Do you know where filthy little boys that lie go to, boy?" I question you. "Yes, Ma'am" you reply as your bottom lip begins to tremble. "Hell Fire!" I bark as I walk behind you to close and lock the door.

In one quick motion I snatch your ear in My long fingers and pull you to the center of the living room. "Undress Now, then on your knees" which you immediately do. As you kneel in the center of the room covering the flesh between your legs that defines your gender I look down upon you and order you to stand.

"So you think you can hide in My house and dress like a slutty freak do you? Stand then put on your panties, bitch" as I reach you the panties. Shaking obviously more now you slip into the red lace panties while your head continues to look downward. Protruding from beneath the delicate lace a lump quickly appears.

"you dare expose your ugly stick to Me bitch?" as I grab a hold of the lump extending from beneath the lace and began squeezing. "No, Ma'am. I can't help it."

As soon as the words left your mouth I walk over to the straight back chair and bring it to the center of the room then sit down. "Get into position, bitch" I bark as you quickly lay yourself over My lap. I restrain you with My right arm firmly pressing you against My frame, My left hand holding the old wooden paddle from before.

As I begin to scold you for lying I begin the correction. Whack, Whack, Whack the sounds from the paddle against your pale white flesh thunders throughout the room. your skin feels as though it is on fire as I continue.

"Trashy bitch with your slutty lace panties, I know what you have been doing in these. Playing with your ugly stick I'm sure of it." With each brief pause, the force behind the paddle increases.

"I should remove those bits between your legs leaving your clit since you are just a cock sucking whore in red lace panties." As the once red marks turn into bruising from the increasing thudding of the paddle.

"Just a cock sucking whore." I repeat as I cup My hand over your mouth shoving My 4 fingers down your throat causing you to gag. "Suck My cock, bitch like the whore that you dream about being." Repeating the assault on your tight mouth. Gagging sounds continue to escape past My long fingers from deep inside your throat till I remove My fingers. In one quick motion I knock you into the floor and order you to rub that ugly clit.

As you begin to rub your now quite swollen clit, I grab your chin and tell you to look into My eyes. Staring coldly into your eyes I tell you to cum...fighting off the tears you reply "Yes, Ma'am" and continue till you explode covering the red lacy panties with your filthy fluid.

As you sit there on the floor covered in your filth I tell you to remove the panties and clean your mess with your cock sucking mouth till they are completely clean. "Yes, Ma'am" you reply as you begin the task required of you.

I stand up and begin walking towards the dinning room but just before exiting I look back and say...."Once finished go to your room. I am done with you today. "