February 2, 2020

As you may have noticed, the yearly update is taking longer than expected. While updating, I have been looking at all the old "What's New" pages and enjoying seeing so many pictures from years ago. So many pictures of those I still enjoy to this day and those that has passed away along the way. 

Leather Realm was first created in 2004. It doesn't really feel like it's been that long ago since I posted the very first post back in 2004. So many wonderful memories of experiences that fulfilled My dreams and desires. Such wonderful relationships with those that gave so much of themselves to those desires. Thinking back, looking at the old pictures brings such a huge smile to My lips. 

My mail server decided to spit out over 20 contact forms dating as far back as August 2019 earlier this morning. This means if you sent a contact form but didn't receive a reply, that you need to fill out another contact form then resend. Hopefully this problem is now resolved.

 Such a pleasurable visit from My sissy slut michelle this past week. So helpless and exposed as he is filled with a butt plug while strung up to the electric winch plus that little bit of flesh between his thighs is pulled forward by the CBT Pillory. Of course this was only the beginning. What a stimulating fate ahead of him. <wicked giggles>