December 29, 2019

With 2020 just around the corner, I feel so blessed to live a life that allows for so many of My dreams to become reality. Life is not always easy nor fair but My wish for you all this New Year is that you find what you are searching for whether it be under My guiding hand or another. Find what makes you happy, complete and at peace.

Sending out a HUGE Thank you to sub jason for his gifts which included a fantastic airsoft gun. Any volunteers to be My target? <wicked giggle> 

My overnight with sub jason began with filling his insides with a cleansing enema that he was instructed to hold till I was ready for him to release it. I repeated this warm soapy enema followed by retention till I had emptied 2 full quarts into him to clean all the nastiness out. Of course the cleansing enemas was followed by more retention enemas that totaled 4 quarts. More eye candy on My Medical Fetish Blog link below.