October 27, 2019

This past week definitely left My panties dripping from so much pleasure. Yes, I'm blessed with such stimulating experiences. Hopefully this week will be even more.

I'm feeling generous. Make sure you come back on Thursday, Halloween for some eye candy treats. No tricks, just treats. LOL 

For those following sissy danielle's Chastity Journal, the latest update has been posted.

My afternoon with sub drippy went splendidly. I kept him on his toes in more ways than one. Amazing how simple it is to accomplish this when you shove a vibrating egg up his ass, press that bit of flesh between his thighs between two bars of metal while sending electricity into it then string him up by the wrists after restraining his ankles into the CBT Pillory. <wicked grin>

sissy danielle's Day 164 Proof Picture: