September 29, 2019

This past week was better than the last but this week should prove to be even better. Of course I seem to always be craving amusement from a few of you suffering for My pleasure. Will I be fully satisfied? Yes but the craving comes back not long after. 

This time taking a little peek at My toy collection may cause you to cross your legs. LOL Take a look at My collection of Castration Devices, Burdizzos and Banders. Yes, these have been added to My Dungeon link.

My puppet was reminded to stay on his program after failing to do so. After almost 2 hours of swats from leather and wooden paddles, I sent him off with 40 strokes from the rattan canes. Each time he sat for the next several days, he was reminded.

In position, sissy danielle awaits My commands. Read all about it in her updated journal for this week. <wicked giggle> 

sissy danielle's Day 136 Proof Picture: