July 21, 2019

Even though Ohio became hot as Hell or at least felt like it with high temps and sticky humidity, I did amuse Myself with a few of you. 

A tiny bit of eye candy from one of sissy danielle's proof pictures showing him fulfilling a requirement. This week, I am sure though I will be more in the mood to share eye candy since the heat will be more tolerable. 

A couple of days ago, I recieved a flood of contact forms dating all the way back to January that I didn't receive when they was originally sent. I'm assuming now that this glut of forms has shown up that the problem has been fixed and that I will be receiving ALL the forms that are sent from now on. Since many of these forms are from months ago, I will not be replying to them. If you are one of those that sent in a filled out contact form and didn't receive a reply, fill it out again. As long as your form is completely filled out, you will receive a reply.

For those following sissy danielle's Chastity journal, it has been updated.

Fulfilling Dress Assignment. <wicked grin>

Sissy danielle's Day 66 Proof Picture: