May 12, 2019

Ever have that feeling like you're itching in your own skin? That frustration, that yearning to explore your fetishes but have no one available to explore with? Yes? Now understand how I have felt this past week simply not having enough pleasure from amusing Myself with enough of you. Yes! As you can see bellow, I did enjoy a couple of you but not nearly enough to feed My craving. To satisfy My yearning. Even with this frustration though, I did manage to stay within My puppet's hard limits by restricting the leather belt marks across his ass so they would fade within 24 hours.

Speaking of frustration, when I am like this, I have a tendency to window shop for new equipment and toys. Of course this led Me to replacing the table that I had removed when I brought in the exam table. With the new table, I can use it for some activities when the exam table isn't appropriate to be used. It should be arriving by the weekend.