March 4, 2019

This past week was beyond wonderful. Since I'm a leap year baby, I only technically have a birthday every 4 years, the other years I am blessed with choosing between celebrating on either February 28th or March 1st. Why choose only one? I celebrated both. And yes, My birthday was filled with pleasure and I even took some eye candy of My time with sub r and sub drippy. 

Guess who is getting a "Fucking" machine? YES! I am. It should be arriving Wednesday so I will definitely be using it soon. 

Sending out a huge Thank you to My toilet ay for his gift. I'm enjoying it.

Also sending out a huge Thank you to slave david for his gift. Thanks a bunch. 

And a huge Thank you to sub r for this lovely card and gift. I loved it.
Sore Arms or Stretched Balls? LOL

Stretching My balls between sub r's thighs.
Kneeling at My feet, sub r serving his purpose.

My balls aren't going anywhere. LOL
Time for sub drippy's anal exam.

sub drippy on a tight rope. LOL

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