February 18, 2019

After the pleasure drought of the past few weeks due to winter weather, I finally amused Myself. Not only did I amuse Myself with a few of you, I enjoyed sub r  as well as sub sam. Yes! I even found time to catch some eye candy to share which includes videos.

Sending out a huge Thank you to sub sam for My Birthday gifts that came in the mail this past week.

Strung up and spanked, sub r totally exposed. <wicked grin>

For Valentine's Day, sub r was all MINE. Can't you tell? LOL

Electrified and Pressed, Balls Under Glass. <wicked grin>

Within the black PVC enclosure suit, your life is in My hands. <wicked giggle>

Breathless & Bagged, sub sam spent hours till I was FULLY satisfied. 

Dry Cleaning Bags, So Many Ways to Enjoy. LOL 

Sissy slut jim's Day 1035 Proof Picture:

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