March 8, 2020

Such a long week and not in the good way but I expect this week to be so much better. And yes, I will be amusing Myself with a few of you. I am so ready to be so pleasured that My panties get moist from all the pleasure. 

This past week, I did have a bit of fun sending My sissy slut michelle to a TS lounge in Vegas along with sending him to suck cock at a gay bath house not far from the lounge. In 2 hours, he was instructed to suck 5 cocks which he did along with eating some ass. <wicked giggle> Even though I instructed him since I wasn't present, I did get some great pictures to blackmail him with. <HUGE wicked smile>

Sending out a HUGE Thank you to Anons C for sending Me video editing software and his suggestions for sharing future videos. Thank you so much. 

Thinking of the updating/upkeep of Leather Realm. As you know, I am in the process of updating and clearing out some of the older videos that was shared before 2010 from this video gallery as well as on My Medical Fetish video gallery. Don't worry, not the fan favorites. I have also decided that I am going to be removing the What's New updates prior to 2010. Yes, some of the eye candy shared on those pages will be moved but the actual updates prior to 2010 will be removed. I have been posting updates since 2004 so it's time to do a bit of Spring cleaning.

Since it's been awhile, I decided to share a peek at My ever growing toy collection. Yes, these are anal hooks of various sizes/shapes. Just imagine being strung up on My gallows by not only your wrists but by one of these shiny anal hooks. After inserting one of these deep inside you and connecting it by rope or chain to My gallows, there is no escape. <wicked grin>

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